“TO THINE OWN SELF” – Bonny G Smith Announces Plan for Fifth Book of The Tudor Chronicles

FAIRFAX, Va., May 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — TO THINE OWN SELF is the story of The Wars of the Roses, the bloody dynastic conflict that witnessed the end of the Plantagenet Dynasty in England, and the birth of the Tudor Dynasty. It will be the fifth and final novel of author Bonny G Smith’s popular Historical Fiction series, THE TUDOR CHRONICLES. There are currently four full-length novels that comprise The Tudor Chronicles: THE NYMPH FROM HEAVEN begins the series with the death of Henry VII and the accession to the throne of the young and charismatic Henry VIII; THE BAKER’S DAUGHTER continues the saga with the harrowing tale of Bloody Mary, King Henry’s eldest daughter; IN HIGH PLACES tells the story of Queen Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots; the saga ends with THIS MIGHTY REALM, the story of Elizabeth and Essex. The series was to come to a close with the death of the childless Queen Elizabeth I, which ended the 117-year Tudor Dynasty. But how did the Tudor Dynasty come to be? Ms. Smith will continue her impressive tale of the Tudors by delving back into the past, telling the story of the rise to power of the king who ended the Plantagenet Dynasty and founded England’s most famous royal family: The Tudors.

“I have been enthralled with Middle Ages and Renaissance history since I was a child,” says author Bonny G. Smith. “Writing the novels of The Tudor Chronicles continues to be a glorious challenge. I have been writing the series since 2006, and it continues to be a wonderful experience. The extensive research required, the absolute immersion in history, is a form of time travel. I am gratified to know that my readers time travel with me, as they enjoy reading my books. I am pleased to say that The Tudor Chronicles will continue with the fifth book in the series, To Thine Own Self. This fifth and final installment will be the prequel to the series, taking the reader back to the volatile 15th century, and the founding of the Tudor Dynasty.”

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“Bonny G Smith creates superb fictionalized accounts of the lives of the fascinating men and women of the Tudor era. Ms. Smith breathes life into her characters; throughout her novels, the personalities, politics, and spirits of the age are beautifully drawn. I like my historical fiction accurate, and Ms. Smith delivers. There is no attempt to change history. The books of The Tudor Chronicles deliver a thorough engagement with the drama of Tudor politics in all its complicated, personality-led glory. The research that has gone into Ms. Smith’s novels is palpable.” – Dr. Steven Veerapen, PhD, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland

“For those who love the Tudor era, Bonny G Smith’s novels are a must-read. Each book is well-researched, resulting in a series of captivating novels that is hard to put down. Five stars, and well-suited to a mini-series.” – Karen Dagger, Leeds, UK

“Ms. Smith has a talent for making history come alive.” – Helen Hodge, St. Louis, MO

“A magnificent writer….” – Richard Maestas, Albuquerque, NM

“I am reading The Tudor Chronicles and I cannot to put it down. A wonderful author!” – Andrea Shiels, Vancouver, BC




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