To Help Support the Struggle Against Addiction, Author Mike Fitzpatrick Publishes First in Fun, Zany, Fully Illustrated Children’s Fiction Series – ‘The Adventures of Crockpottle’

TILTON, N.H., April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Author Mike Fitzpatrick announced the release of book one in a planned five-part children series, “The Adventures of Crockpottle.” Set in a land of whimsical fantasy, Crockpottle’s real purpose in life begins after first being animated and given his name by a powerful wizard looking for a new friend to share wide-ranging adventures. Fitzpatrick plans to use part of the proceeds from book sales to help fund a local community building project for those battling substance abuse disorder; creating a safe place where people can gather for fun monthly social events. “The Adventures of Crockpottle” is lavishly illustrated by artist, Stephen Foster, and is available for purchase via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Lulu, Sweek, Issuu, and Bookemon.

“Our story begins in the land of dreams and the fields of love. Crockpottle was happy and blessed beyond words! Night became day and day became night. It’s a place where he could dream wonderful long dreams. He had plenty of friends.”

“The Adventures of Crockpottle”: An Interview With the Main Character

1.  What was the first thing you noticed after the wizard’s magic gave you a new life?

“Feet. Definitely my feet. As a crock pot, I never had feet before. Now, suddenly, I can walk wherever I want to with my best friend: the wizard Mirth! He’s the one who woke me up. Now, we go on trips to the fields of wisdom and love, meeting new friends along the way. And sometimes, we even have a picnic!”

2.  Are you scared of anything in particular?

“Oh yes, sometimes! New things. They can scare me. Or, at first, I was very scared of the Mucky monster who lived in the land of Muck Muck! He’s very sneaky and used to play tricks on people – like switching road signs until you get lost. We had to escape him: flying away on our giant dragonfly friend, Cappy! But after I used my magic healing powers on Mucky, he’s much nicer. And now we’re friends too!”

3.  What do you want to share most with your readers?

“Love and forgiveness are always the answer to most problems. If you can show kindness and forgiveness, you can heal almost anything. Hate can be a poison – but love always heals.”

About the Author

Mike Fitzpatrick is an author and recovery advocate who runs the recovery center, the Grateful Cafe Sober Club in New Hampshire. An actor, artist, father, world-record holder, and movie buff – Mike is hard at work writing new adventures for Crockpottle.

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