Three Young Brothers and Space Fans Create an Out-Of-This World Picture Book About Mars

Inspired by their fascination with astronomy, physics, and space travel, three kid brothers bring the excitement and wonder of Mars to other young readers.

DURHAM, N.C., Oct. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — When the Mars Perseverance Rover landed on the Red Planet in February 2021, it made a huge impact on three brothers from Durham, North Carolina. Listening to the broadcast alongside their dad, fourteen-year-old Atlas, and ten-year-olds Leo and Dalton, were inspired to encourage other kids to share their fascination.  The idea for their illustrated picture book, Space Monkey: Mars Mission Report, was born. The boys’ playful and information-packed story, beautifully illustrated by Ukrainian illustrator Lana Vivchar, has the affable character Space Monkey taking readers on an exciting journey to Mars, where they will learn amazing facts about the second-smallest planet in the solar system. From the rocks and soil to its temperature and gravity, its two moons and its biggest mountain in the solar system, children will delight in all of the wondrous data that the monkey’s “Mars Mission Report” provides.

Together making up L.A.D. Publishing, the brothers were inspired to write their story by the teams that worked on the Mars Rover—the physicists, astronauts, engineers, and entrepreneurs who made the space expedition a reality—as well as the monkeys who were sent to space before humans. The brothers share, “We hope that Space Monkey will inspire children to be curious about the world around them, learn some interesting facts about our solar system, take an interest in astronomy and someday decide to travel to space themselves!”

Space Monkey: Mars Mission Report is the first in the Space Monkey series of picture books about the solar system and is available now wherever books are sold.

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