This Accessible and Fun Story About the Causes of Harmful Algae in Water Teaches Kids About Environmental Pollutants and How They Can Help Stop Them

LONG ISLAND, N.Y., July 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The children of Seaville get a nasty surprise when they go to the beach and find it closed. Is there a monster lurking in the newly murky green water? The kids enlist the help of an environmental scientist to learn the causes of the harmful algae growing in their beloved ocean and what they can do to defeat this destructive monster. Written by sixteen-year-old Dylan D’Agate, a clean water and environmental activist, Monster in the Water: Fighting Back Against Harmful Algal Blooms encourages kids to tackle water pollution in their communities.

When the young kids of Seaville bring a water sample to Professor Bloomington, she examines it under a microscope and tells them that their ocean’s "monster" has a name: a harmful algal bloom. In small amounts, algae in the water is not dangerous. But in large amounts, caused by too many nutrients from pollution, it lowers oxygen levels and releases poisons which harm fish and other creatures including pets and people!

But how does pollution get in the water? Young readers will learn that everyday tasks can contribute to pollution in oceans, including using too much fertilizer, washing your car at home instead of at the car wash where the dirty water is properly disposed of, and polluted runoff ending up in our water sources.

Teenage author Dylan D’Agate was motivated to write this story by his deep connection to water and its important value—one that has given him joy living near it in Long Island. When he learned about this environmental problem happening within his own community, he knew he needed to do something to help. To fight back, Dylan researched as much as possible to see what kids could do to combat this harmful algae destroying our oceans. In writing Monster in the Water: Fighting Back Against Harmful Algal Blooms, he hopes to raise awareness and encourage young people to take action in their local communities and beyond, and to remind people that water is an essential resource that we all need—fish, amphibians, pets, and people alike.

With educational and entertaining text combined with painterly and appealing illustrations throughout, Monster in the Water: Fighting Back Against Algal Blooms is available wherever books are sold. A portion of the book sales will be donated to environmental organizations helping clean water initiatives.

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