The Second Edition of an eBook that Shows that Christ Matters More than the Bible Itself Is Now Available

Also available for download is a free PDF presentation that summarizes ideas in this book and an upcoming one

LAND O LAKES, Fla., May 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Christian author and blogger Francois Ntone announces the second edition of his book Grace and Truth: How the Biblical Narrative Affirms that Christ Is Supreme and Parts of the Bible Are Obsolete. The book follows the biblical narrative, tracking the evolving ideas and beliefs on matters of theology and ethics. Those ideas are shown to change irreversibly in time, pointing to Christ as the one and only true representative of the God of the Bible.

The Bible does not offer a consistent picture of God. In the Old Testament, he is sometimes described as a wrathful God bent on punishment and even violence, while also being described as compassionate and loving. It is therefore difficult to reconcile this picture of God with the one revealed by Jesus. Correspondingly, some aspects of the ethical teaching in the Old Testament present significant differences from New Testament ethics.

Defenders of the Bible often want to emphasize the good aspects of biblical theology and ethics, while avoiding to address the more negative aspects. However, the matter is complicated by the fact that churches, particularly evangelical ones, have embraced the assumption of biblical inerrancy which leads to the conclusion that all biblical pronouncements are divine and carry equal weight.

In this eBook, while the Bible is assumed to be divinely inspired Scripture, the positive and negative aspects of the biblical narrative are addressed with honesty. It is shown that the narrative itself suggests a progression from the unsettled picture of God in the Old Testament to the more settled picture revealed by Jesus. Accordingly, Jesus’ ethical teaching must be viewed as the ultimate representation of God’s will for humanity. Such a conclusion has immense implications in today’s world where Christians clearly contribute to trends toward political divisions, inequalities, hate and violence. Also, readers of the book will gain a deep understanding of the biblical storyline, well beyond the fragmented understanding of the Bible they often get from typical church Bible studies.

A free PDF presentation that provides an insightful overview of the ideas discussed in the ebook is available and can be downloaded at the author’s website ( The presentation also covers material from an upcoming book that examines and challenges John Calvin’s views about the old and new covenants, as expressed in his book Institutes of the Christian Religion.

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