The Only Answer Christians Need Regarding Evolution – Author James R. Brant Publishes Stunning Revelation and Concludes the Debate in ‘Setting the Record Straight’

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Christian philosopher and author James R. Brant announced the publication of his treatise on the creation vs evolution debate: "Setting the Record Straight." Written to help Christians articulate their faith and defend their position, "Setting the Record Straight" addresses the obfuscation created by Christian apologists, who for years have glossed over the supernatural majesty of God – ultimately kowtowing to a growing wave of secular skepticism that has never actually proved its position. Brant responds to this skepticism decisively, bringing the irrefutability of his Ultimate Question to a debate that has raged for over a century. The book is available for purchase directly from the author’s website.

"This explosive question of creation vs evolution has always hinged on whether one side or the other could provide proof of their position," said Brant. "Secular scientists have always spuriously assumed their theory was proof itself, simply by virtue of being science. And unfortunately, Christians have allowed that to erode their faith over the years. In this book, I respond to claims others have made regarding evolution and special creation. And I challenge those who’ve made those claims, knowing that they can’t respond in kind. I therefore successfully prove that evolution is nothing but a fantasy and that God is revealed only through the person of Jesus Christ."


When debates arise between two belief systems, there is sure to be fireworks of discussion, argument, and emotional outbursts. The theory of evolution having established the world, instead of God, has taken root in many minds, causing people of faith to actually agree with evolutionists’ wild assumptions. Author James Brant seeks to answer those who are skeptical of a belief in God through his new book – a critique of those who question the Christian faith – by delivering answers straight from Biblical teaching. Using a "common sense" approach to various topics, James teaches Christians new ways to defend their faith effectively, offering the same answers he would put forth in any debate.

The book includes stances on abortion, slavery, extraterrestrials, and women’s equality. James also explores at length other aspects of Christian faith often the target of skeptics: Jesus’ birthplace, the validity of the Bible, Jesus’ resurrection, and the Disciples. What James wants readers to most gain are true answers pertaining to the Christian faith, supplied directly from the Bible. He offers ways for Christians to defend their relationship with God against those who have been misinformed on Christianity. By learning truths about God, His Son, and His Word, James helps readers begin to develop their awareness of God and who He is in their lives.

It’s time to set the record straight – and stand up for the Creator against evolutionists and other skeptics.

Book Details

  • Publisher: Xulon Press
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 644 pages
  • Category: Literary Criticism and Religion
  • ISBN: 9781629524900
  • Price: $29.49

Rave Review

"The Christian faith has never been under as much scrutiny as it is today. Many known figures such as Richard Dawkins, Robert Pennock, Dr. Douglas Futuyma, Victor J. Stenger, and other atheists have done much work in antagonizing Christianity and its beliefs. In ‘Setting the Record Straight,’ James R. Brant brings us the remedy to this affront…" – Jachike Samuelson, Freelancer

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