The First Two Volumes in a Fun and Informative Adolescent Book Series Combine Mystery and Adventure With Illuminating Content About Oceans, Weather and Nautical Lore

WASHINGTON, June 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — When a group of teens volunteer to clean up litter on their local beach in Maine, they accidentally come upon a criminal polluting operation —and they are on the case to stop it.

Dawn, Ryan, Conner and their friends are a group of young teens who spend summer together with their families in cottages on the rocky coast of Maine. When a clean-up session on the beach unveils suspicious dumping activity, the kids are determined to gather evidence to unravel the mystery of an organized gang of ocean polluters.

Professional seaman, teacher of boat-handling and navigation and ocean thrill seeker, author Steve Wedlock expertly combines mystery and adventure with maritime and nautical language and facts in the first volume in his middle grade series: The League of Maritime Adventurers: #1 The Ungrateful Rescue, (#2 Sabotage- available now and #3 Scoundrels- available summer 2022).

From the first line of the prologue:
"An unmarked gray panel van drove along a dark road heading out of a small town in Maine. The driver constantly checked the piece of paper taped to his dash; a few lines and crude map were all he had for navigation. He switched between looking at the note and the small patch of tarmac lit by his headlights."
To the final lines of the epilogue:
"The gentle sound of the waves breaking on the sand receded as the tide went out, and the slight whisper of a breeze played with the guy ropes. And then, almost unheard, a tiny voice in the vastness of nature, ‘on the rudder.’"

Readers will love the fast-paced mystery adventure with a twist of education providing an entertaining way of communicating interesting maritime jargon, terms and processes, perfect for personal reading as well as classrooms and libraries focusing on literary fiction steeped with interesting non-fiction content.

Born and raised on the coast of Maine, author Steve Wedlock has lived a literal personal life afloat, with more than 350,000 nautical miles at sea as master of many types of vessels from kayaks to square-riggers, a marine surveyor, builder of schooners, and teacher of seamanship. Steve masterfully weaves a tale that takes readers on a thrilling voyage of risk-taking and sleuthing while learning about the sea. With the first book of the series concentrating on ocean polluters and the effects on the environment and economy, the group of friends take on more serious dangers against sinister foes in subsequent volumes.

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