The Child Prophet, Award-Winning Illustrated Parable That Helps Grownups Heal Childhood Trauma, Now Available in Hardcover and Paperback from Story Matter

LOS ANGELES, June 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Story Matter launched sales of its award-winning new title The Child Prophet in hardcover and paperback.

The Child Prophet is for adults who are looking for tools to help heal childhood trauma and depression. It is a story about a woman who has lost all hope and goes to the desert to end it all when her plan is interrupted by a mysterious child.

Book Excellence says, “Changing perspective is all it takes to see a new path forward in The Child Prophet by the visionary author Renée Topper. Reminiscent of the famous novella The Little Prince…The book explores what it means to make peace with the past and let go of the fear and worry of the future, to move into a place of living in the now.”

The book is comprised of simple images and fonts so that they attract inner children. The interior is in gray scale and moves from darkness to light. The words are few but meaningful and embedded in illustrated spreads that give readers space for breath and contemplation.

“Readers are reconnecting with their inner children and healing through this book. It’s a meaningful gift to self but also for loved ones who suffer from depression, especially when you don’t have the words.” Said author-illustrator Renee Topper. She added, “We did a limited special edition to prove the concept last year. Now we’re excited to do this edition to make this title more widely available and meet demand. The hardcover in particular is designed for those readers keen to put a fresh perspective on the treasure shelf alongside The Giving Tree.

When asked what inspired the book, Topper said The Child Prophet comes from a personal experience, “I was doing a healing meditation when a child appeared. Eventually, I realized that she was my inner child. She’d been waiting for me, and she forgave me for neglecting her for so long. We reconnected and my life has been better ever since. I told friends about this experience and they were healing through it. The book helps the story reach more people.”

The Child Prophet is Topper’s first published illustrated parable. Her debut novel Pigment: The Limbs of the Mukuyu Tree garnered numerous awards and topped Amazon’s bestseller list and USA Today’s Top 20.

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Imprint: Story Matter
On sale: June 13, 2023
Pages: 54
ISBN – hardcover: 979-8-9859984-2-9
ISBN – paperback: 979-8-9859984-4-3
Genres: Comics & Graphic Novels, Visionary, Self-help
Press Contact: Renée Topper
Mobile: (818) 506-8363


SOURCE Story Matter