The Author of Cannabis The Cat Seeks A Writing Partner During Mental Health Awareness Month

SOUTH BEND, Ind., May 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Both Smokey the Bear and Woodsy Owl introduced millions towards public safety and environmental issues to our previous generations. And this will be the same way Cannabis The Cat begins and continues the conversation involving the hemp plant and other social issues.

The Adventures of Cannabis The Cat series include: America’s newest superhero Cannabis The Cat.

Cannabis The Cat To The Rescue and Cannabis The Cat Goes To Washington are both available in lush full-color and coloring books. All four books can be found on

The basis for the story is that Cannabis The Cat has a 420 watch, and travels on a magical flying carpet made from the finest hemp plants. When someone has a cannabis emergency, they dial 4-2-0 and Cannabis The Cat arrives in the nick of time to solve their marijuana emergency.

The educational character Cannabis The Cat was designed to capture the interests of young and old, concerning the ongoing dilemma with marijuana and its use. The book series is not designed as a solution, rather as a way to begin and carry on the conversation of what has already been here for decades. Marijuana and its complexities.

As the first year runs out with the creation of Cannabis The Cat, I have experienced an enormous amount of feedback. Both great and small, and even some similar to a deer in the headlights. Geographical areas, age ranges, misinformation and a host of other factors has shown me the challenges along with highlights that will be forthcoming: as I continue to produce more Cannabis The Cat material. Please visit for an easy link to purchase books, leave Amazon reviews and learn additional highlights about Cannabis The Cat

Going forward: Cannabis The Cat will sometimes be tucked within the cover, added with titles and clever new characters that will allow for a more diverse audience, and more easily contend with federal funding. The approach will make it easier to reach a more generalized market. This will help the transition from the stigma associated with marijuana, to a more accepted discussion over a long period of time.

The character Cannabis The Cat instills trust and excitement from a vast audience, especially at a time in our society, when it is needed the most. Future stories will include: discussions centered around mental illness, recovery from addictions, violence and gun safety. As well as creative ideas for some of our societies most serious issues.

With considerable consideration I am opening up conversations to businesses, organizations, philantropists, and or private individuals/investors. Who feel their viewpoints may match up with some of my primary goals, and who may share an interest in exploring any future business opportunities/partnerships/sponsorships with Cannabis The Cat. Please feel free to reach out to me via email or phone contact information provided within.

A favorite line in each of my books, "Remember, you don’t have to use marijuana to love Cannabis The Cat." Visit and let’s write a story together!

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