Ten-Year-Old African American Author, Makenzie Lee Foster, Pens Second Book

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — At only ten years old, child author Makenzie Lee Foster is breaking molds. She wrote her first award winning children’s book, Kickin’ it with Kenzie – What’s Meant For Me Will Be at only 8 years old. The book teaches children to follow their dreams and that nothing will come easy, it all takes work. The book won a Moonbeam Award and was a finalist in the Indie Book Awards alongside Kobe Bryant’s 2 books. Makenzie’s first book can be purchased via her website and on Amazon.

Makenzie recalls her initial experience as an author “I wanted to write a story that put out a positive message for children. I started bugging my Mom to write my own book when I was 4 or 5. After my first book came out, I was able to visit classrooms and read to other children that may not see many African American people. I live in a very small community and only 1% of the town is African American (Clayton, CA). It’s very hard to be an African American author because I feel like we are expected to write books about certain things/topics. Many assume my book is about African American hair confidence or something like that. I love books like that, but I wanted to make books that connect with issues that all children face. I wanted to show that I am the same as them…I didn’t want to continue to separate myself. I am human just like everyone else.” 

Luckily My Luck Is Me is the second book in Makenzie’s series and centers around young Kenzie finding a coin which has special powers that bring her luck. As the story progresses, she somehow loses the coin and fears that her luck is gone forever. She sets out on a journey with her dog, Josie, to figure out what the real source of her luck could be now that the coin is gone. The book will be available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and BookBaby on February 23rd.

Makenzie has more books planned in the series which she plans to release later this year. She would love to release a new inspirational children’s book every year.  

When asked about her future plans, she shared, “I want to be and do so many things. I feel like as long as I am doing something that I love and that I have control over, I will be happy with whatever I end up doing in the future. I don’t want my future happiness to be based off of someone else’s dreams and I hope that other children think the same way. I hope that I can continue to do something that makes children smile and feel confident.”

Makenzie is also an actress who has had a recurring role on NBC’s popular show This Is Us as well as a regular role in season one of Netflix’s Emily’s Wonder Lab. She is currently part of a commercial campaign for Rocket Mortgage which premiered during the Superbowl. 

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