Technopreneur and CEO of ERPA Analysts Inc. – Dr. Srikanth Gaddam – Publishes New Manual to Help Aspiring Leaders Fast-Track Their Business Ideas Into Success

DUBLIN, Ohio, March 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Business expert Dr. Srikanth Gaddam recently announced the publication of his latest book to help budding entrepreneurs create new businesses or expand their existing organizations. “The Entrepreneurial Guide” is a roadmap that teaches the exact mindset needed to nurture an idea from formation to industry, including an examination of the entire entrepreneurial lifecycle – from idea formation through exit strategy – and a wide variety of other business formation and maintenance topics. “The Entrepreneurial Guide” is available for purchase via Amazon.

Synopsis: Broad section topics include:

  1. Idea Formulation: Being purposeful and laser-focused, identifying business goals and overall vision. Converting that vision into a real, shared goal with stakeholders.
  2. Idea Validation and Sales: Validating ideas/products, learning about the exact scale and magnitude. Techniques on how to conduct market validation, ensuring the market is large enough for the product and price point. Sales strategies, converting leads into prospects, prospects into closing deals, nurturing customers to upsell or cross-sell other products and services.
  3. Value Realization: Making informed decisions on strategizing organizational priorities. Different approaches to creating departmental and individual goal settings, while keeping managers aligned with overall goals and objectives.
  4. Scaling Up: How to motivate, manage, measure, and reward employee performance. Cultivate a growth mindset and entrepreneurial culture to promote innovation and beneficial risk-taking to foster exponential growth. Different ways organizations formulate and execute growth strategies. Analysis of three key levers critical to business leaders and execution: Adjusting Financials, Developing Future Leaders, and Managing by Numbers. Understanding exit strategies and when to implement them. 

About Dr. Srikanth Gaddam

Dr. Gaddam is a seasoned entrepreneur, angel investor, and the CEO/Co-Founder of ERPA Analysts, Inc – recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies by Inc. 5000 for ten years and one of the “Best Places to Work” in Ohio. He graduated with a Doctor of Management (DM) from Case Western Reserve University, MBA from the Ohio State University, and the Owner President Management program (OPM 43) from Harvard Business School.

Dr. Gaddam has a passion for training young generations in entrepreneurial skills, while also supporting first responders – prompting him to create a college scholarship fund for the children of first responders, with daily operations run by a motivated group of high school students. Learn more about Dr. Gaddam’s work at:  

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