Tech Startup Uspace Fills the Gap in Web Marketing Missing from Main Street Small Business

Company is Raising Capital via Equity Crowdfunding to Roll Out Virtual Storefronts Nationwide.

ANDREWS, N.C., Feb. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recent advertising by eCommerce giants Go Daddy, Shopify, Wix and others would have the public believe that anybody can build and launch a moneymaking website with little time and effort. Similarly, big tech titans like Facebook and Google promise easy-to-use tools to enhance the online presence of a business that end up impossible to fully utilize. The only answers have been for small business owners to lose valuable time acquiring web skills they’d rather not have or pay experts exorbitant fees to get the job done. Uspace’s Virtual Storefronts is the happy medium making mom and pop shops happy.

That’s because Virtual Storefronts gives millions of Main Street shops access to an effortless website solution in just 5 minutes for only $18 per month. This is widely accepted as a no-brainer decision; 8 in 10 merchants who see a demo buy a Virtual Storefront on the spot.  According to Uspace founder and CEO Tobin Brogunier, the inventor of Virtual Storefronts, “Local Merchants are a forgotten, underserved group in the tech sector. If you aren’t a business that is online, you can’t market your shop online and you can’t be an online search result. You can’t add a link to your website on a newspaper ad or put it on your rack card. We solve this problem in a way that conserves Merchants’ limited resources.”

Virtual Storefronts aims to be one of the easiest and fastest combined Website & SEO Solutions available. Being found online is what being in the yellow pages and what having a prominent store-front used to be pre-internet. It’s as important as having a phone line. 68% of Uspace customers didn’t have a website before signing up with VS. Now they not only have a website solution, but they also have an SEO and local shopper solution — all for only $199 a year or $18 per month with zero learning curve or guesswork.

The company has an aggressive expansion strategy under way to expand their physical footprint to grow sales exponentially. The general public has a limited time opportunity to invest in Uspace. Anyone interested should review all of the materials available before making an investment decision.

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