Talia Beckett Davis Launches New Book and PR Consulting Agency

Women in Public Relations Founder Publishes the Fempreneur Book and Opens Talia Davis PR Group

VANCOUVER, BC, Sept. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Organization of Canadian and American Women in Public Relations (Women in PR North America┬«), announced today that its Founder and Chief Executive Officer, published her first book Fempreneur, and started a new agency, Talia Davis Public Relations.

The agency is focused on thought leadership strategy and has a podcast studio to help women showcase their influential brands by developing their own show. Under the new venture, there are consulting programs to help businesswomen follow a proven marketing plan, develop a unique signature brand offer, and learn how to pitch the media.

The Talia Davis Public Relations Accelerator provides a unique marketing methodology, to help female entrepreneurs and executives identify the strategies needed to reach their business goals.

Talia Beckett Davis has published a new book titled, FEMPRENEUR: Create your memorable brand image and become an unstoppable female entrepreneur. Inside the book, she shares brand-building secrets, and tried and tested marketing strategies to encourage female entrepreneurs to act on their big idea.

“I wanted to do something more modern with my agency. I wanted to move my public relations consulting further upstream into the digital education space, into marketing and business coaching,” explains Beckett-Davis.  I believe that businesswomen can be successful by learning the best practices to market their personal brand and thought leadership is a big part of that process. That’s why I’m revealing my marketing approach through new consulting programs and sharing my own journey as a female entrepreneur inside my first book.”

The Fempreneur book demonstrates how to stand out from the competition and develop the confidence to discover new opportunities. Talia’s formula for success as a female entrepreneur is shared through the in-depth process of building a strong foundation, attracting aligned buyers, and becoming a purpose-driven leader.

To order a copy of the Fempreneur book and learn more about the author, visit www.taliadavis.com

About Women in Public Relations

The Organization of Canadian and American Women in Public Relations (Women in PR North America┬«) is an influential network of leading businesswomen striving for excellence in the field of public relations. The organization propels gender pay equality through research and initiatives; builds the PR industries knowledge of diversity; and encourages a shift towards a more inclusive management style. Learn more: womeninpr.com

About Talia Davis Public Relations Group

Talia Davis Public Relations Group helps ambitious women stand-out online with their signature expertise so they can build a profitable brand image. The agency creates a unique thought leadership system that attracts new opportunities for its clients. It’s sister company, Pink Pearl Public Relations, specializes in luxury female marketing for baby and kids’ products, toys, beauty, fashion, home decor, and lifestyle. They work with leading magazine editors, bloggers, retailers, and manufacturers to build memorable brands.

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