Survivor-Turned-Advocate and PTSD Expert Releases Collection of Interactive Workbooks on Healing and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

ATLANTA, May 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A survivor of 14 years of child emotional, physical, and sexual abuse, Angela Williams is passionate about saving the innocence of the next generation of children. Williams, who holds a master’s in forensic psychology with a concentration in child abuse, has developed and written a collection of interactive workbooks on healing and prevention for adults and children. The workbooks are set for release on May 30 and are available for pre-order now at

“Child sexual abuse is a devastating and debilitating trauma. Whether it was a one-time occurrence or happened frequently over many years,” says Williams. “When victims break their silence, then the healing can begin.”

Williams has devoted decades to providing awareness, prevention, and healing programs through her advocacy work and also founded Angela’s Voice, a movement to end child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Though specific for survivors of child sexual abuse, the workbooks also benefit any abuse survivor and help protect children by teaching them how to defend themselves from abusive behavior. In addition, the materials are resources for parents, grandparents, caregivers, and mental health professionals to guide them through these tough conversations.


  • Pathway to Healing — For the adult survivor, child sexual abuse is a devastating and debilitating trauma regardless of whether it was a one-time occurrence or frequently happened over many years. However, when silence is broken, healing can begin.
  • True Intimacy — Intimacy is a crucial component of healthy relationships. Many survivors of child sexual abuse suffer from intimacy, self-image, and unhealthy sexual relationships. Learn practical tools in a faith-based context to help restore intimacy and help relationships thrive, including marriage.
  • Unveiling Child Sexual Abuse — Silence is a significant barrier to healing for a survivor of child sexual abuse. This training resource is for mental health professionals and those in other counseling capacities to learn more about the signs and symptoms of child sexual abuse and insights from survivors.
  • Tough Talk to Tender Hearts — Talking to children about abuse is difficult. However, caregivers have a responsibility to protect children by educating them through safe and appropriate conversations while maintaining trust. This interactive workbook teaches how to have a lifetime of age-appropriate discussions with your children about healthy sexuality and personal boundaries.
  • Shattering the Shame — The most common, silent, debilitating commonality shared among child sexual abuse survivors is shame. It seeps into the deep recesses of the human psyche amid the violations, reshaping the lives of its victims forever. This workbook examines the causes and effects of shame and a practical road to healing for those crushed under its weight. Also included are personal testimonies from survivors who have overcome the effects of shame and are continuing the healing process.


  • The Grooming Mystery
  • Single Parenting Solutions
  • Courage to Speak


Scheduled for release in July 2023, Williams’ next book, Loving Me: After Abuse, she takes a deep dive into the suffering that takes place after the trauma of abuse. Inspired by a conversation with a friend, Loving Me is for the broken-hearted to help them find hope and healing. Williams is a survivor of 14 years of child sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, and candidly shares her struggles and triumph over the residue of shame and dysfunction that abuse triggers.

In her first book, From Sorrows to Sapphires, Williams detailed her journey from a victim of child sexual abuse to a victor of her abuse trauma. In addition, she has also written and developed children’s workbooks to help teach kids how to defend themselves from abusive behavior.

SOURCE Angela Williams