Spend 30 Days Dedicated to Building a Better Life – National Voice of ESPN, Cayman Kelly, Challenges Listeners and Fans to Make New Self-Care and Self-Improvement Choices, Just in Time for Self-Improvement Month

The author of ‘From $6 an Hour to a Million Dollar Dream’ leads by example…

WASHINGTON, Aug. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Celebrity author and nationally recognized voiceover artist Cayman Kelly recently commented on the importance of September as "Self-Improvement Month," offering his own story as a guide to help those looking to make some positive life changes. Instantly recognized for his signature smooth and room-grabbing sound, Cayman is an American voiceover icon and host of a popular national radio show on SiriusXM’s Heart & Soul. Cayman chronicled his rise as one of the most influential Black voiceover talents in his #1 Bestselling Amazon memoir.

"Self-improvement is both a decision and a journey," said Cayman Kelly. "It starts by realizing that where you are isn’t where you want to be, and then taking those first few steps in a different direction. A lot of times, our life journey is just about responding to the challenges and blocks that come up – responding in ways that force us to think differently and make brave new choices."

"From $6 and Hour to a Million Dollar Dream" – Getting Started

"We know a majority of folks are looking for positive change. We’re all just trying to make it. But when you’re lost in a dark place, or just confused, it can be hard to know what to do next. I was there once too. And I always found it was best to learn from those who had already found their way. How did they get there? What obstacles did they face? How did they overcome each challenge? How do they stay on top? And what do they have to teach us about success?"

Self-improvement month offers a few suggestions on how to begin making changes that invite new opportunities for growth and recreating one’s life path:

  • Start Exercising: Getting the body moving helps energize the immune system, builds stamina, and provides natural endorphins to promote positive feelings of wellbeing.
  • Read More: Learning about new ideas and new approaches to life is a dependable way to spark inspiration. Reading a variety of thoughtful, well-written books, magazines, and self-help articles is a great beginning.
  • Community Volunteering: Humbly serving others in addition to serving self-interests is a fantastic way to feel better and find a sense of purpose. There are endless ways to help local neighbors and local communities – find the needs, and then fill them.

"What’s your dream? Your passion? What’s that one thing you want to do with your life?" Cayman writes. "Now think about why you want to pursue that particular dream. Maybe you have a talent you want to share with others. Maybe it’s a vision you think could make a real difference in the world. The question you may be asking yourself right now is: How do I turn my dream into something that can make a difference in my life and the lives of others … I believe that you were born with the potential to do something great. How you use that potential (or don’t) is completely up to you. Why this book? Because everyone who decides to pursue a dream needs a starting point …"

To learn more about Cayman’s life and career journey, read the memoir, "From $6 an Hour to a Million Dollar Dream." And for the latest news on Kelly’s ESPN show announcements, along with his other voice and radio appearances, visit him online. Follow Cayman Kelly on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

About Cayman Kelly: The National Voice of ESPN

Cayman Kelly is the widely recognized imaging voice for multiple radio stations, including POWER 105.1 in New York, the voice of Nationally syndicated morning show, "The Breakfast Club," and the host of popular national show on SiriusXM’s Heart & Soul. Recently, Kelly was chosen as the featured voice for the SPLAT! "GAME PLAN" image library, and he continues to be the national voice for ESPN – the first African American to achieve that position – while also serving as the new imaging voice for the NHL. Learn more about his life and work at: www.CaymanKelly.com.

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