Sociologist and Author Valda Taurus Debuts Gripping Suspense Novel That Explores the Depths of Human Behavior: ‘Killing Your Best Friend’

MONEE, Ill., Sept. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Author and sociologist Valda Taurus ( announced the release of her first novel, the mystery thriller: “Killing Your Best Friend.” Revolving through the various perspectives of the main protagonists, the narrative voices include: Tammy Bartow; her neighbor, and wife of suspect Marta Gray; and Detective Andy Mohr. Taurus weaves the plot elements deftly, implementing twists and turns of suspense that have already garnered rave reviews for keeping readers on the edge. “Killing Your Best Friend” is available for purchase via

Synopsis: Tammy Bartow is wrestling with another bout of insomnia when she glances out her bedroom window and sees a shadow creeping along the cold Alaskan ground, near her neighbor’s yard. Ever since her neighbor Marta Gray married Alexander (Ax) – an ex-con who has already served time for murder – fear hangs over the community like a dark cloud. But as she eventually returns to bed, Tammy has no idea that in a few hours, she will learn a murder took place in her neighbor’s barn. After Marta finds the corpse of Ax’s best friend, Ivan, all evidence points toward her husband, who had been drinking all night with the deceased, and eventually blacked out. He cannot remember anything. Marta, blind with love, refuses to believe that Ax could have committed such a chilling act, and she convinces Tammy of the same. Meanwhile, as Detective Andy Mohr attempts to sort out this complex case, he realizes that this is the second time Ax has murdered on Mother’s Day. Is it pure coincidence, or a bloody pattern? In this gripping mystery, two determined women and a seasoned detective are led down a complex path to solving a murder.

“I wanted to show raw life: when things don’t always work out as they should,” said Taurus. “It is a book free of judgement, which appeals to the understanding of action through the prism of our psyche, rather than in terms of approval or disapproval. We cannot change the past because it’s gone. And we cannot tell what tomorrow will be like because it has not happened yet. But what we can do is live today – as life is happening.”

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About Valda Taurus, M.A.

Valda Taurus is inspired by stories of survival in extreme situations, whether it be a natural disaster or an inner psychological struggle. She holds a master’s degree in sociology and a minor in psychology that complements her desire to be a judgment-free observer of people. On the path to becoming a writer, she completed an advanced fiction-writing course. Killing Your Best Friend is her first novel in which she touches on the topic of destructive feelings such as guilt and self-accusation. Explore her latest work by visiting:

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