Shattering the Shame of Domestic Violence – Bernadette Gold Aims to Empower Others in Her New Memoir: 'The Crooked Path to a Charmed Life'

SAN ANTONIO, Oct. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Author Bernadette Gold‘s multi-dimensional memoir removes the shame of abuse by talking about it openly. Bernadette encourages others to face their fears, break their silence, and seek help. Gold shares with readers her personal journey and evolution to healing by embracing a spiritual path. As an empath, natural born clairvoyant medium, rejected by the church, alienated by family, she is forced to navigate healing alone. "The Crooked Path to a Charmed Life" is available for purchase via AmazonTarget, and Barnes & Noble, and everywhere audiobooks are sold.

Synopsis:  Bernadette Gold, resistant to exposing her gifts of clairvoyance and mediumship because of the abuse she faced as a child, goes on a harrowing journey to find inner strength and healing. After her 3-year-old daughter is molested, she is forced to face her past and embrace her spiritual gifts.

Told she was "too sensitive" Bernadette revisits her childhood traumas which include; a narcissist mother, a visit from a Catholic priest at 5 years old, trying to exorcise her "imaginary friends," being exiled to Hawaii, a failed suicide attempt as a teen, being violated at a mental hospital for suicide watch at 18-years-old to healing from abusive partnerships, rape, an abortion, and racism.

In the end, Bernadette learns how to forgive herself and others, finally embracing her gifts as a medium. Spanning 50+ years, this story inspires others to keep going even when life is difficult. As an Asian American Pacific Islander, she overcomes all the challenges of being mix-race as well as being different because of her extra-sensory abilities. No matter what hardship she endured, she remained kind, compassionate, honest and now fearless, leaving behind the invisible scars of abuse.

"What I once rejected in myself, became a superpower that allowed me the courage and skills to help others," said Gold. "I realize my story reads like a suspense novel because of the paranormal experiences, but I think that’s what makes it so interesting. I love that so many readers have resonated with it, sharing they don’t feel alone anymore." Bernadette has created a successful intuitive coaching business, helping others create more aligned, purposeful, and prosperous lives – while impacting others from a high-level mindset. Unlike traditional therapies that focus on symptoms, she addresses all mental, emotional, or physical blocks holistically or wholly.

To schedule a private session or to receive a copy of Chapter One for guest appearances or interviews, please visit the author’s website. For information on upcoming appearances and future projects, follow Bernadette Gold on social media: FacebookTwitterYouTube.

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