Shaneé McCambry’s Women’s Empowerment Book, Perfectly Imperfect is Live

CONYERS, Ga., Feb. 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Novae COO, Shaneé McCambry is ready to take the world by storm with her new women’s empowerment book. Shaped by her own traumatic experiences, “Perfectly Imperfect” isn’t light reading—but it’s not meant to be.

“The book is about facing the ideas and perceptions that are holding us back,” McCambry explains. “Often these come from dark experiences where we’ve been made to feel like it’s wrong for us to be the main character in our own stories. I couldn’t address that without sharing the experiences that made me question my own abilities.”

The book’s release announcement coincided with McCambry winning The Future is Female Impact Award at the 2024 Koru Awards. McCambry has made women’s empowerment a major goal of hers since becoming Chief Operating Officer of Inc. 5000 company Novae, which gave her a broader platform to do her work.

“When I was younger,” McCambry said in our interview, “I felt like a failure. I had some really low points. I never thought I could succeed in business, let alone be part owner of a successful company. When I realized it was possible to help people while pursuing my God-given purpose, I wanted to start an outreach for other women who might have felt the same.”

McCambry’s Women that Win workshop has sold out for two years running, drawing women from around the country to devote a weekend to both the business owner mindset and building confidence in the often underappreciated skills of attendees.

“As women, too often we don’t give ourselves enough credit. Too often we aren’t given enough credit. I see these women talking about doing all these amazing things, but they feel like it’s just part of their job as women. Like it isn’t anything special.”

McCambry’s Women that Win event has inspired the creation of MENtality to Win, a men’s group based on similar ideas and run by her husband, Novae Founder/CEO Reco McCambry

“Men face their own challenges, some of which are underappreciated,” McCambry explained, “and it’s important that they have a space where they can discuss these openly, too.”

Readers of “Perfectly Imperfect” can also purchase a companion journal containing blank pages for the reader to fill with 12 weeks’ worth of guided reflections. The questions invite readers to deep dive into their relationship with themself, and learn how to turn their story into strength.

“It really surprised me, some of the things that came out when I was working on the journal,” McCambry told us in our interview. “I truly believe it has the potential to be life-changing.”

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