Seven Seas Press Publishes New Ukrainian-English Edition of The Three Sunflowers and Launches Fundraiser to Donate Books to Ukrainian Children

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., July 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Seven Seas Press’, award-winning publication—Три Соняшники ~ The Three Sunflowers—is a bilingual Ukrainian-English edition dedicated to the children of Ukraine.

Seven Seas Press is collaborating with the Stand With Ukraine Foundation in Los Angeles, which offers global and local support, and will help get books directly into the hands of children affected by the war. 

Written by Janet Lucy and illustrated by Colleen McCarthy-Evans, The Three Sunflowers recounts a turbulent day in a garden where a trio of sunflowers face unexpected and chaotic events that they have no power to stop. The story helps children find peace during frightening events, teaching them the value of resilience in difficult times. 

The Three Sunflowers is the recipient of three awards, including the 2023 BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD for its Ukrainian/English edition in the category of “Bilingual Storybooks for Kids” from Creative Child Magazine.

This edition was translated by Iryna Demchyshyna, a Ukrainian refugee, who fled her home with her four-year-old daughter in February 2022, when the Russian invasion began. Iryna and Solomiia (whose name was given to one of the sunflowers) eventually made it to Los Angeles, where they were hosted by Colleen’s sister; a fortuitous meeting that led to Iryna collaborating on the book.

“I teared up when Colleen and Janet asked me to translate the book,” recalls Iryna. “It was my dream to translate again, and sunflowers the national flower of Ukraine.” Iryna was delighted to help get more Ukrainian-language books for children displaced by the war. She watched as her daughter struggled to adapt to a new home and language and wanted to help others in similar situations. The Three Sunflowers has become Solomiia’s favorite book, giving her a sense of safety and security in the tumult of their new life. “When Solomiia read the book, it made her feel stronger and gave her hope,” recollects Iryna, “this book reminds us that everything will be alright. Don’t give up! Stay strong!” Iryna and Solomiia have since moved into their own apartment in Los Angeles and planted sunflowers in their front yard. Along with being Ukraine’s national flower, the sunflower is an international symbol for peace.

Inspired by Iryna’s story, Seven Seas Press, a Santa Barbara, CA based non-profit, is launching a campaign to send copies of Три Соняшники ~The Three Sunflowers to Ukrainian children displaced by the war. Donations will go to funding books to distribute through organizations serving Ukrainian children locally and internationally.

Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine forced more than 2 million Ukrainian children to flee the country and displaced over 1 million children inside Ukraine, according to estimates from UNICEF.

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Seven Seas Press is a 501(c) 3 Public Charity EIN 83-0792556.

Erika Romer, Executive Director – Seven Seas Press


SOURCE Seven Seas Press