Senator Paul Simon Warned Us About a Coming Shortage of Fresh Water

LA JOLLA, Calif., April 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With historic droughts strangling the world, from California to Africa, Senator Paul Simon’s book Tapped Out: Water: The Coming Crisis and What We Can Do About it, is now available in paperback and as an eBook published by Inprint Books. Based on the Palmer Drought Index, 2021 began with 82 percent of the Western United States experiencing moderate to extreme drought. In Brazil, the current drought is one of the worst ever recorded. Coffee production is expected to fall 23% this year, and low reservoir levels mean the country can’t fully utilize its hydroelectric plants, driving up electricity bills. In Madagascar, drought has left hundreds of thousands of people malnourished, pushing the country to the edge of famine. In the last two decades alone, the United Nations estimates drought has affected 1.5 billion people and led to economic losses of at least $124 billion.

Senator Dick Durbin, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, just wrote the foreword to Tapped Out: Water: The Coming Crisis and What We Can Do About it. Senator Durbin wrote:
"When my friend and mentor the late Senator Paul Simon first wrote the book Tapped Out in 1998 it wasn’t a best seller, but Paul was once again way ahead of his time. He understood from his time on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and visiting some of the poorest corners of the globe, that one of the great challenges in the decades ahead would be access to clean water both as a matter of human health and source of potential conflict. Over the ensuing decades since Tapped Out was first published, we have made great progress in responding to Paul’s call even as climate change and population growth have added further strain on this precious shared resource. As such, its rerelease could not come at a better time."

The new edition of Tapped Out is officially published on Earth Day, April 22, 2022. President Jimmy Carter said, "With Tapped Out, Paul Simon has issued an important warning which, if heeded, has the potential to avert a devastating natural disaster."

Tapped Out is available in paperback ($20) and as an eBook ($9.95) on, Amazon, Apple, and at bookstores worldwide.

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