Second-Generation Holocaust Survivor Embraces Heritage from Birth to Almost Death and Back in His Poignant and Hilarious New Memoir

“Won’t Be SilentDon’t Stop ’til It Matters,” Hailed as the “Gay Eat, Pray, Love,” Is a
Remarkable Journey of Love, Loss and the Endless Search for Mattering

LOS ANGELES, April 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Won’t Be SilentDon’t Stop ’til It Mattersfrom debut author Abe Gurko, is a candid and humorous retelling of an unconventional life. The producer, writer, and social media influencer delivers an honest, hilarious, and rollicking ride filled with joyous, life-affirming moments to reach what the author describes as a life “finally worth living.” The book has garnered stellar reviews, now reaching Amazon Best Seller status.

The unlikely odyssey kicks off in suburban New Jersey, sashays through the velvet ropes of Studio 54, ricochets to and from Hollywood, to a pivotal “coming out” moment at a Gucci store in Florence before meandering through Mexico, Germany, and Amsterdam with moments of hilarity and clarity along the way. Abe’s madcap journey through ongoing obstacles is an insightful story of survival with grace and resilience. Confronting various addictions, gay acceptance in the turbulent ’70s, and testing HIV+ in the ’80s, Abe’s unwavering spirit propelled him to fight his demons and find meaning and purpose.

Armed with razor-sharp wit, Gurko has embraced the uncanny instincts and DNA passed down by loving parents who survived the Holocaust. This legacy ultimately becomes his badge of honor, and the book serves up a tribute to their fortitude, confidence, and the courage he learned from them to repeatedly rise up from life setbacks and heartbreaks.

“I live by two edicts,” says Abe. “Life is choice—and that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Living now in this unprecedented time in Jewish American history, seeing politicians turn back the clock on gay and women’s rights, I’m reminded that my family tree has a spine made of steel. I can’t and won’t be silent.” Won’t Be SilentDon’t Stop ’til It Matters is the culmination of a life lived, knowing that acknowledging the legacy of parents is a glorious way to pay tribute and share wisdom. “I wanted to leave behind an imprint in the hopes that someone would benefit from my travels and travails,” the author commented.

This book challenges readers to tap into one’s innate superpower to maintain dignity and integrity because, in the end, that’s what really matters.

To order the book, visit The paperback is $19.95. It is also available in hardcover, audiobook, and Kindle formats.

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