Romanian Version of Éric Dussert’s “Hidden by the forest. 138 forgotten women writers” Launched in Bucharest

TUNARI, Romania, Sept. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Can justice be done writing literary history? Can an act of moral reparation be carried out by resorting to a sui generis archeology in the world of letters, from France and elsewhere, through a spectacular survey of more than a millennium and a half?

The literary critic and historian, French writer and essayist Éric Dussert undertakes this risky approach in the excellent “Cachées par la forêt. 138 femmes de lettres oubliées.” Dussert invests himself massively in the thorough archivist approach and voraciously reads entire libraries to collect the necessary documentary material. The result is a paginous book of 575 compactly printed pages, with a sumptuous apparatus of notes, an impressive index, but also with an inspired preface bearing the signature of Cécile Guilbert.

The Romanian version is scheduled to appear in november at Alchimia Ezoterica, translated by Valentin Protopopescu and is to be launched during the Gaudeamus book fair in Bucharest (RO).

Highly relevant to any country and any epoch, the French author’s book is already a classic work, a vehicle for moral reparation. What makes his approach all the more touching is the fact that the present portrait anthology is founded on pure value. The book is not dealing with gender rhetoric, but with a rigorous literary history based on the axiological relevance of the writings.

From Ono no Komachi to Agathe Godard and Emma Dante, a panorama of a world brimming with creativity and ideas is offered to us at the level of elegant writing and a high-level hermeneutic demonstration. Éric Dussert dives deep in the abysses of history, leading a fight as a daring ethical outlaw, sometimes sincerely outraged, sometimes ironic, sometimes melancholic, highlighting the cruel injustice that the world of men committed against a female elite that she should have been partner, not marginal.

About Éric Dussert
Éric Dussert wrote La littérature est mauvaise fille (L’Atelier du Gue, 2006), Comme des enfants. L’Âge pedophile du capitalisme (Anabet, 2006), Alfred et l’omnibus (Cynthia 3000, 2007), Aphorisme (Fornax, 2009), Une forêt cachée (LTR, 2013), Cachée par la forêt (LTR, 2018). He publishes literary chronicles in La Quinzaine littéraire, Le Monde diplomatique, Le Matricule des Anges, La Revue des revues and on his personal blog – L’Alamblog.

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EA – Editura Alchimica Ezoterica Fundamentala is a Romanian publisher established in 2022.

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