REAL WORDS Unlocks the Key to Sustainability

MONROE, N.J., Nov. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, REAL WORDS, a "bleeding edge" News Service and Publication Company at, has revealed in their new world-changing book "THE POWER OF UNITY" certain truths behind what the public believes is Climate Change that is quickly becoming Climate Disasters.

Because of the many ongoing global crises that have not yet gained sufficient traction to create demonstrable solutions, REAL WORDS continues to work arduously to keep critical challenges in the forefront of the public. Due to extreme weather, ecological catastrophes, political events, and other dysfunctional sources, research within the book complemented on its site suggests further disruptions for our planet and way of life.

REAL WORDS is of the opinion that the world has waited too long for our leaders to convene at the upcoming 26th UN Climate Change Conference. We believe it is imperative for our world organizations i.e., the WEF to  be aware of our world-changing book which has already developed the framework necessary to initiate actions against the many global challenges we now face.

The subject matter of "THE POWER OF UNITY," an academic style non-fiction book, discusses global crises as it formulates specific measures to be taken with respect to Global Governance, Economic Recovery, Financial Resilience, and Social Health. In effect, it demonstrates how multilateralism becomes a necessity for survival in the form of mutual collaboration, and further demonstrates a model for practicing globalism while still retaining one’s sovereignty. This approach is consistent with published material predicting breakdowns in society, the avoidance of which can be accomplished by taking a united stand. By doing this, focused and immediate actions can be initiated against our common threats. The book contains a mathematical formula that represents the defacto answer to what UN Sec’y António Guterres has expressed in 2018 that "global challenges require global solutions." And its use will provide permanent sustainability and renewability for the human race.

REAL WORDS does not wish to make a profit at the expense of someone’s life that is already in jeopardy. As such, the book is being offered free of charge to designated organizations and individuals.

Owner/President Jeff Kolber continues to emphasize our belief that "we shall not go gently into that night" as global matters continue to fail. And we commit to continue to bring vital information onto our News and Publishing site  "IQ NEWS" at

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