Real Words New World-Shattering Book Provides Action Plan That Remedies Global Threats

MONROE, N.J., Jan. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, REAL WORDS, a "bleeding edge" News Service and Publication Company, is now offering a book whose subject is being talked about by everyone and has already been mailed to the members of the G-7, Paris Peace Conference, and the UN last year. The time has come to stop talking about what the world needs and start building the solutions it does need.

Both inspirational and thought-provoking, "TRANSFORMING A WORLD IN CRISIS" is an academic yet common sense style non-fiction book that serves as a framework for an Action Plan. In just 62 pages, its discussion combines rational thought, common sense and lessons from history and current events, and produces a set of principles, processes, and steps that illustrate how to launch initiatives to resolve today’s global challenges. The book extends these ideas and constructs a mathematical expression (also explained in plain language) to achieve a permanent sustainable and renewed future for all People and all Nations. And by doing so, we can repair our planet, stabilize world economies, improve international relations, and enrich the lives of all people today and tomorrow.

As climate disasters continue and global economies search for stability while being ravaged by the COVID pandemic, the underlying message within this book is that the Planet must be nurtured because it gives us life, and the People must be cultivated because they make the world what it is. And since nations depend upon each other for economic and financial survival, mutual collaboration becomes a matter of necessity.

With the COP26 and previous world conferences continuing to come away with agreements that make commitments to agree some more, it has become apparent that the critical needs of humanity are not being met. But as our UN Secretary General reminds us of the need for global solidarity and our President’s warning of the human race facing an "existential threat," REAL WORDS is now offering a book that no one else has been able to create: a way to interpret our global challenges with words that can implement global solutions.

Sometimes hoping and waiting for things to get better is not enough. Because we feel the public must see that there is a way to ensure a future, REAL WORDS is offering at its own expense, a limited time promotion of its new world-changing book for $1.00 only at our site, "IQ NEWS" at 

Owner/President Jeff Kolber continues to emphasize our belief that "we shall not go gently into that night" as long as global conditions remain unanswered, and we continue to keep you informed of the global perspective at "IQ NEWS."

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