Ravi Sawhney Releases Second Groundbreaking Book on Design Innovation: “Psycho-Aesthics 2.0

Revolutionary Design and Innovation: Unleashing Disruption with a Proven Methodology

LOS ANGELES, May 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Industrial Designer and Founder of RKS Design, Ravi Sawhney, announces the release of his latest book, “Psycho-Aesthetics 2.0: Revolutionary Design and Innovation: Unleashing Disruption with a Proven Methodology.” This seminal work builds on the foundational principles introduced in his first book, “Predictable Magic,” which was followed by Harvard Business School as a case study and Harvard classroom exercise—an honor shared by only one other Industrial Design Firm globally.

“Psycho-Aesthetics 2.0” explores the transformative power of Psycho-Aesthetics (P/A) across diverse sectors including business innovation, product design, brand development, and social commerce. Sawhney, who holds over 300 patents across 90 countries, draws from his vast experience to demonstrate how strategic design thinking can forge profound emotional connections and innovative solutions that resonate globally. His work with leading brands like Aspargo, StrokeDX, Samsung, Pepsi and Unilever underscores the significant impact of P/A on market and brand creation.

This book is not simply a continuation of previous ideas but a visionary expansion that positions P/A as an indispensable tool for modern innovators and designers. Sawhney explores how leveraging the human-centric approach of P/A can lead to products and solutions that significantly enhance life quality and consumer satisfaction.

“Design is more than aesthetics—it’s about creating solutions that enhance the human experience,” said Ravi Sawhney. “With ‘Psycho-Aesthetics 2.0,’ I offer a proven methodology for harnessing the potential of design thinking to produce groundbreaking and sustainable innovations.”

“Psycho-Aesthetics 2.0: Revolutionary Design and Innovation: Unleashing Disruption with a Proven Methodology” is now available for purchase on Amazon. It is an essential resource for anyone in the design industry, from corporate teams at multinational companies to leaders in innovation seeking to integrate impactful design strategies into their products and services.

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Ravi Sawhney is the visionary founder of RKS Design, a leader in the fields of design and innovation. An acclaimed author and pioneer, Sawhney has dedicated his career to bridging the gap between technology and user experience, crafting products that not only meet but exceed human aspirations and desires.

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