“Rachel’s Song” Songwriter Pens New Book on How Music Touches and Changes Lives

WINSTON SALEM, N.C., Oct. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Where does music come from and what makes it life-changing? A new book written by Dave Combs, a man who has written 120 songs, recorded 15 albums and is best known for the inspiring instrumental "Rachel’s Song," explores that topic in his new book, Touched By the Music: How the Story and Music of Rachel’s Song Can Change Your Life (TBTM Publishing).

The book tells the story of how "Rachel’s Song" came to be and, drawing from some 50,000 notes from fans Combs received, how a song with a simple melody with no words has meant so much to so many. It changed Combs’ life as well. As he writes in the introduction, "From writing the music of "Rachel’s Song" on my old piano in my basement in 1981, to owning the copyrights to nearly 200 more songs and arrangements and having them heard by millions all over the world, is quite a journey with so much to tell." Indeed, at the time Combs came up with his signature song he was a traveling consultant for AT&T and it took him three years to move the music forward. "Rachel’s Song" can be heard on Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, iHeart, YouTube and Amazon.

Combs has been featured in the Winston-Salem Journal, Spectrum News, Guideposts, on Satellite Radio Network with Joe Lacina, PBS North Carolina and more. In an interview, he can answer such questions as:

  • Is your music a gift from God?
  • What tragic event led to "Rachel’s Song" and for whom is it named?
  • Could he share some of his favorite stories of how his music affected people?
  • Is there medical research connecting instrumental music to improved wellness?
  • What advice does he have for budding entrepreneurs?
  • What did he do during the pandemic to help 2.5 million people isolated in eldercare facilities?

Praise for Touched By the Music

"It’s a great story. In addition to the wonderful music Dave Combs has created, his book is almost a primer on what to do if you want to get something out into the world. I highly recommend this book." — Jack Canfield, co-author of the best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul® Series

"In a world that needs more love, peace and joy, Dave Combs’ book, Touched By the Music, is a book of love stories—love of music, love of family and friends, and love of God. You will be inspired and uplifted as you read this book and listen to the music of Rachel’s Song." Gary Chapman, Ph.D., author of The Five Love Languages

"When I want to relax after being truly worn out from traveling and yes, even speaking, just give me a bed or a sofa or even a big ol’ chair to sink into so I can turn on "Rachel’s Song." And when I want some inspiration, I reach for Dave Combs’ book, Touched by the Music, full of great stories—and some funny ones too." It’s a wonderful book." — Jeanne Robertson, award-winning humorist and author of Don’t Bungee Jump Naked and Other Important Stuff

About the author
Dave Combs’ music has been played millions of times on radio, satellite, and internet streaming media. Combs, who is also an entrepreneur, business executive and master storyteller, grew up in Erwin, a small town in East Tennessee, and now lives with his wife Linda in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

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