Race, Class and Family History are No Match for True Friendship in the New TRIUMPH Book

MESA, Ariz., Sept. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Two friends—one Black, one White. Two families—one wealthy, one poor. A rich family saga that resonates throughout centuries of American history to illuminate some of the central questions of our time.

Jodi Lea Stewart’s remarkable new novel, Triumph: A Novel of the Human Spirit, tromps you through the Louisiana swamps, in and out of bustling New Orleans, across the Texas prairies, and into the city streets of innovative but troubled St. Louis in the early and mid-twentieth century.

Opening in 1903, two children are displaced from their homes. One is abducted by a secretive voodoo sect; the other is presented to a former Texas Ranger as part of a life-changing plea for help. Their uncertain fates set in motion a series of events that reverberates decades later.

Triumph‘s central storyline describes the friendship between Mercy and Annie, two girls growing up in late-1950s St. Louis. As they grow older, their friendship is tested and strengthened by their encounters with the city’s simmering bigotry and tenacious legacy of segregation.

If you enjoyed Where the Crawdads Sing or To Kill a Mockingbird, you will love TRIUMPH, a Novel of the Human Spirit. It dramatizes who we are, how we got here, and where the better angels of our nature impel us to go. The novel’s publication and release will be celebrated with an online launch event September 23, 2020, 7 pm CST.

Artfully conceived and beautifully written, Triumph is available now. To order, or to learn about Triumph‘s September 23rd Online Book Launch Event, please visit https://jodileastewart.com/.

The author handles themes that are as relevant and sensitive to contemporary readers as these were to characters in 1903. This is a novel that compels readers to think about one of the pressing problems of America—the color line.”

~ Ruffina Oserio/READERS’ FAVORITE (5-stars)

“In TRIUMPH, author Jodi Lea Stewart shows that time and place have nothing to do with the power of the human spirit.” 

~ Cyrus Webb, Media Personality, Author and Top Amazon Reviewer

“… shedding a light of hope and encouragement on the most incendiary social concern of our nation.”

~ DB Jackson, Winner of the Western Heritage Award

“Triumph is a stunning and sweeping piece of literary fiction that ticks all the right boxes for an engrossing read. Jodi Lea Stewart sets the stage with an emotional series of events, one in particular where I practically crumpled to the ground.”

~ Jamie Michele/READERS’ FAVORITE (5-stars)

“Author Jodi Lea Stewart has crafted a mighty tale that packs a huge emotional punch, and you can feel its impact on every page of this excellent novel.”

~ K.C. Finn//READERS’ FAVORITE (5-stars)

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