Pressure, the Unbelievable True Story of Eric Canori and a $10,000,000 Treasure he Buried in New York

NEW YORK, Nov. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Imagine being twenty-nine and making well over $300 million as one of the largest high-end marijuana dealers on the East Coast before it became legal in any state…that’s Eric Canori. Outlaw, genius, entrepreneur, kingpin, or confused kid with something to prove, call him what you will, but in his captivating memoir Pressure (February 2022), Canori takes readers on a roller coaster ride about his life.

From his bedroom, where he spent most of his childhood years grounded yet dreaming of the things he wanted to do and become, to smuggling weed via eighteen-wheelers, helicopters, and boats, Canori always wanted to live life on his own terms, and he set out to prove it. What he later discovered was that the rockstar lifestyle of high-priced women, mountains of cash and endless amounts of drugs, was dictating his level of self-worth. Canori was valuing himself as a person by “how much” he was doing, rather than by “what” he was doing.

Pressure is a reflection of Canori’s life, struggles, downfalls, guilty pleasures, adventures, and lessons, but it is also an epic tale of determination, resilience, and inner transformation which is shared with a lot of humor and humility. The real quest is for unconditional love and acceptance, something he never received in his younger years.

When Canori’s illegal adventure finally caught up with him and his success came crashing
down… oddly enough, it provided a much-needed revelation for him to take a break. This is
where Canori discovers his true, most authentic version of himself and the feeling of freedom.

Today, Canori has the utmost appreciation for time. He will be the first to tell you to forget
what you were taught, that life is about feeling and only YOU know what’s best for you.

Through Pressure, Canori hopes to inspire his audience to re-evaluate the way they live, as it showcases what is essential in life: a relationship to the natural world, to ourselves, and to each other.

Pressure is published by Peerless Development, LLC and is available for $18.95 in paperback on For more information, visit


Daphne Ortiz

SOURCE Eric Canori