Preeminent UN Advisor, AI-Futurist, Investor, and Non-Fiction Author Mark Minevich Signs New Book Deal with Wiley for Upcoming Business Title: ‘Preparing for a Human Centric Digitally Driven Future’

NEW YORK, Sept. 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Public intellectual and AI-advocate Mark Minevich announced he had signed a deal with publishing titan Wiley for a new book set for release in the fall of 2023. Mark is an award-winning digital cognitive AI strategist, artificial intelligence expert, global social innovation and technology executive, UN advisor, leading author and columnist, private investor/venture capitalist, and the principal founder and president of Going Global Ventures.

With appearances in Forbes, Entrepreneur, TechCrunch, The Hill, Observer, and InformationWeek, Mark has published multiple books and over 40 articles on AI, the future of work, climate change, industry 4.0, and IoT. His newest volume will collate all of Mark’s expertise into real-world, workable strategies for businesses moving into the future.

“I will unify all the interesting trends and best practices that you have read about over the years,” said Mark. “Along with the behind-the-scenes stories you hear from various leaders that I rarely get to share in my blogs and industry magazine articles. I’ll be describing scenarios for the future digital human-centric economy. It is also a much more personal work than my articles or blog. I want this book to feel like the reader is hanging out with a friend, a mentor, while we discuss the really deep topics.”

“We have a longstanding and successful tradition at Wiley’s trade imprint of publishing business and thought leaders at the forefront of their industries at pivotal moments in technological transformation,” said Wiley. “We provide the information and stories businesses and organizations need to succeed. As we continue growing in a world increasingly influenced by artificial intelligence, we are proud and excited to be partnering with AI expert, advisor, and thought leader Mark Minevich on his new book which will prepare us for the next decade where 55% of enterprises will be AI-First. This book will teach and inspire businesses and organizations to take on the great transformation of the 21st century to a human-centric digitally driven future, from a trusted voice in the AI space, to ensure that AI is creating good in the world.”

Mark Minevich: Preparing for a Human Centric Digitally Driven Future

How do we connect this world of digitalization to the world of societal needs? From pandemic prevention and fighting cancer, to fighting hunger, wildlife conservation and boosting accessibility, this book will explore exactly how digitalization is doing well by doing good. Digital use cases can help towards overall adaptation in preventing wildfires, diagnosing deadly diseases, mitigating risks posed in critical areas – as well as predictive analysis and monitoring to make our planet far more resilient in the near future.

“We must work together to build a new framework to deploy a more collective strategy to help all people,” said Minevich. “We will focus on use cases on how Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence are saving our planet. AI and Digitalization are going to get us back to a sustainable, cleaner, and healthy society. AI is helping us to accelerate the journey into a resilient, sustainable future. The world is changing, and that change is accelerating. Now is the moment of opportunity to act.”

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Mark Minevich is an investor, author, UN advisor, AI advocate, disruptive innovator, Co-Chair of AI for the Planet Alliance, chair of the executive committee and external affairs at AI for Good Foundation, Sr. Advisor to BCG, and president and general partner at Going Global Ventures. He dedicates innovation efforts and AI knowledge to amplifying capabilities and positively impacting climate change and social innovation agenda – with over $2 billion in impact so far. Learn about his ongoing work at:

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