Post-Pandemic New Yorker’s Are Transforming Their Pain Into Peace

NEW YORK, May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Alexa Servodidio, a well-known therapist, and television host is bringing neighbors together to have a renewed sense of community as the pandemic becomes something we have all overcome together. Servodidio has released her second book, "Your Walk in Life: A Guide to Transforming Your Pain into Peace." A companion guide for the reader, who becomes an active participant in their healing as they move through the book to gain insight to healing. The book aims to guide the reader gently through the past. The hope is to transform memories into meaningful experiences, which can carve a path for a more mindful future. The journaling exercises in the book allow a reader to reflect. The workbook teaches a practice that Alexa refers to as "the nesting place" this teaches readers to process their experiences differently and leaves them with a skill to maintain a positive outlook. The workshops now in progress are an ideal setting to meet others and feel supported. Alexa’s is also building a new social media community backs up that feeling. The workbook is available now, online everywhere, accompanied by in-person workshops on the east coast.

Alexa makes it clear that the book and workshops are not a replacement for seeking medical care, explaining that "In my work as a therapist, I see so many people seeking sense of community and looking for greater self-awareness. I wanted to expand upon the important role of traditional therapy, reconnecting people on a healing journey." Her outlook is one of optimism spawned by insight.

As the host of "The Alexa Show" Alexa Servodidio is also known for tackling important topics with high-profile guests such as Jackie Siegel, star of the Discovery+ show "The Queen of Versailles Reigns Again," her family experiencing a tragedy after the overdose death of oldest daughter, Victoria. Alexa gets the toughest of athletes to bare their hearts, sharing their struggles and successes. Recently, sitting down with former NBA player Jamel Thomas, and former Denver Broncos NFL star Ray Crockett.

Alexa will be hosting a slew of upcoming book launch and workshop events throughout New York and Rhode Island throughout the summer. May 12th 2022 at Wellington’s Grill, 110 Halstead Ave, Harrison NY 10528, 6-8PM. June 5th 2022, Joey’s Sports Bar, 538 Willett Ave, Port Chester, NY 10573, 6-8PM.

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