Pleiadian Channeler Dante Starshine Releases New Guidebook For Living In The New Spiritual Age

NEW YORK, June 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dante Starshine has traveled throughout the world on his spiritual journey, studying with many shaman and becoming a master in Usui Reiki, Kundalini, and Integrated Energy Therapy, as well as being a channel and contact facilitator for the Pleiadian Council, a spirit collective based in the Seven Sisters star system. Dante’s new book ‘The Guidebook For Living Love On Earth’ builds upon those foundations and, through channeling answers from the Pleiadian Council, manifests a clear focused way for humanity to transform from lower fear-based energy to love-based energy.

Dante’s clear connection to the higher-dimension Pleiadians offers answers to our deepest questions of spirituality and humanity. The question-and-answer format helps to make the information clear and accessible. This book is recommended for anyone who is searching for insight into how to live and thrive in the new spiritual age that we now find ourselves in.

The Guidebook for Living Love on Earth is an encompassing work, outlining the mechanics of awakening on personal and collective levels. In these pages, the process of transmuting fear-based energy into Unconditional Love in every area of human life and society is outlined in detail, allowing the reader to conceive of themselves and the planet in totally new ways. This book is designed to be a mental/spiritual re-birth of oneself and of our earth allowing the frequency of Love to totally saturate one’s inner-being so that massive and joyous change may manifest.

Through this process one can manifest an incredible life and become a living example of enlightenment without limits! Living Love outlines how the shifts in our personal belief systems will cause a ripple effect and change collective belief systems and cause massive transformation for our entire planet.

This book contains:
  • A history of life on planet earth and throughout our galaxy, as told by The Pleiadians

  • Information on the extraterrestrials interacting with our world in the present and what may come of our earth in the future

  • Guidance for releasing fear, anxiety, depression, and lower frequency energies through enacting the heart’s passion

  • Practical skills and understandings for developing greater imagination, intuition, and psychic abilities, and much more

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