Pittsburgh Entrepreneur Dawn Fuchs Coleman Announces New Talent Recruitment Company and the Publication of New Leadership Book

PITTSBURGH, Oct. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dawn Fuchs Coleman, who grew her family-owned business to more than 200  employees and its sale to an NYSE publicly-traded company, Univar, today announced the publication of her new book, "Get Your Game F.A.C.E. On" and the creation of her new company, "We Guide, You Grow, L.L.C.," a talent-acquisition company.

The new company focuses on attracting C-Suite level executives and management to positions in publicly and privately held companies in industry, industrial manufacturing, and finance. She also coaches C-suite executives and their teams to guide them through their growth and leadership development so they can become more effective in their roles. She specializes in working with companies in manufacturing, real estate developers, equipment distributors, financial advisors, insurance, heavy highway and bridge construction, electrical contractors, and commercial and residential construction companies, and professional service companies

"There’s something different that I offer: My intuition and my body of knowledge," she said. "I don’t want to call myself a consultant. I partner with my clients. I’m on their executive team."

Coleman, who has over 25 years of experience in the energy field, and has served on many profit and non-profit boards, was named a Finalist in Ernst & Young’s Award in 2006. Her former company, Weavertown Environmental Group, a leader in environmental services, was named one of the best places to work in Pennsylvania in 2000.

"When dealing with placement companies, the term "Head Hunter" comes to mind.  At We Guide, You Grow, we like to consider ourselves to be "Top Talent Scouts" instead," she said. "We work with employers to place the best talent possible so that business can thrive.  We locate and place candidates in all fields, from C-Suite Executives to Field Personnel."

Her book, "Get Your Game F.A.C.E. On"  establishes her core beliefs for leadership:

  • They are Fair.
  • They are Assertive.
  • They are Consistent.
  • And they are this way Every day.

The book is endorsed by:

  • William Polacek, President and C.E.O., J.W.F. Industries and the visionary behind Armor of Success
  • Brian W. Long, Chairman, Seubert & Associates, Inc.
  • Eleni Lucido, Vice President and General Manager, M.S.A. Safety Incorporated (United States and Canada)
  • Brook Ward, President and C.E.O. of Washington Health System (W.H.S.)

Here are her seven insights for success:

  • Insights: Sometimes, things are going on in a management team that they have no idea about. Sometimes people either don’t know how to ask the question or maybe don’t want to hear the answer–especially if the situation involves the C.E.O.
  • Focus: I think that management teams chase too many things. They need to pick a strategy and stick with a strategy now. Most leaders fall short by focusing on everything. And in turn, their lack of focus wears them down and decreases their bandwidth. Instead, we should zero in on the three keys to grow your business: your clients, your employees, and your profits.
  • Outdated Thinking: When I ask C suite executives, "How do you drive your team?" And they say, "We read ‘Good to Great.’ Well, guess what, that’s old news.  Too often, I see companies chase what they think is the latest, greatest thinking but it’s not for them. And then their team gets distracted. In my opinion, there are three problems with this approach. First, you run the risk of an identity crisis. Second, employee engagement could be negatively impacted. Third, clients and vendors seeing these first two issues from the outside could lose faith and trust in your company.
  • Leadership: I hear too often from candidates in my executive placement business: People don’t leave companies. They leave bosses.
  • Change: I do not want you to change. Change slows you down and creates more headaches than solutions.
  • Refocusing: My goal isn’t to give you the information you don’t already know. Instead, I intend to provide you with a new perspective on the three keys to your success so you can grow from where you are to where you want to be. This refocusing will save you time, energy, and a lot of unnecessary headaches. Plus, refocusing will help you build a more robust culture with your employees and develop a deeper bond.

For information, go to "We Guide, You Grow, L.L.C.

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