Physicians Hold Key to Cost-Effective Healthcare. New Book by Ken Terry.

WASHINGTON, Oct. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — New book by the American Association for Physician Leadership. (AAPL)

Among the most pressing problems confronting physicians today are their dispiriting loss of professional autonomy, an overwhelming array of administrative obligations, and the daily conflicts between their business and patient care objectives.

In Ken Terry’s view, the key to effective and successful healthcare reform rests in the capable hands of physician leadership.

In his book PHYSICIAN-LED HEALTHCARE REFORM: A NEW APPROACH TO MEDICARE FOR ALL, Ken Terry, a former senior editor for Medical Economics Magazine, takes the complexities of the Medicare for All debate head on by explaining why the U.S. healthcare delivery system must be restructured to lower costs – and how to do it. 

“Today, employed physicians and independent physicians alike feel powerless. Hospital-employed doctors feel like cogs in a machine, and community doctors are increasingly threatened by forces beyond their control,” Terry says. “But under physician-led healthcare reform, coupled with a single-payer system, physicians stand to regain much of their autonomy, with far fewer administrative requirements and far greater ability to provide better care to their patients. Effective reform would give them back a large measure of control and pride in their work.”

PHYSICIAN-LED HEALTHCARE REFORM details practical steps for reducing health costs without sacrificing quality and explains the essential role of physicians in making this happen. The linchpin of a restructured system would be primary care groups large enough to take financial risk and powerful enough to influence spending on specialty, hospital and post-acute care. Leaning on the experience of accountable care organizations, Terry explains how these primary care groups would have to operate to be successful in a competitive environment.

Ken Terry has written an impressive and engaging book which contributes to the national conversation about healthcare reform,” says Dr. Peter B. Angood, CEO and President of the American Association for Physician Leadership. “Putting physician leaders in the driver’s seat and highlighting the critical role of primary care in any reform process, the timing of this book couldn’t be better.  AAPL is pleased to collaborate with Ken on this well-researched and essential book.”

Table of Contents

Foreword by David B. Nash, MD, MBA:  Lead or Abrogate

Chapter 1: Medicare for All Lives

Chapter 2: Obamacare: A Work in Progress

Chapter 3: Industry Consolidation on Steroids

Chapter 4: Primary Care on the Ropes

Chapter 5: Waste Not, Want Not

Chapter 6: Population Health Management

Chapter 7: Addressing Social Determinants of Health

Chapter 8: Physician-Led Healthcare Reform

Chapter 9: Building the New Delivery System

Chapter 10: Taking Advantage of Health IT

Chapter 11: The Payoff

Chapter 12: Drugs and The Technology Challenge

Final Thoughts


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