Owens Publishing LLC Releases New Political Thriller "Mirrors of Life Part 2: The Fight for Political Power

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Oct. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Author Neal Owens released the sequel to his groundbreaking multiple Award-Winning debut novel. Mirrors of Life Part 2: The Fight for Political Power is an insightful and chilling political thriller set in today’s political climate. This timely fictional tale with true implications teaches the reader that everything in life has to do with politics.

Derrick, the young black venture capitalist, learns political strength is needed to sustain his civic-minded conglomerate and finances a nationwide grassroots voting initiative to change the leadership in Congress.

Erich Hornsby, the narcissistic and Neo-Nazi chairman of the business powers in America, plots Derrick’s murder and manipulates the voters to elect his puppet, John Donaldson, president. In full control of the White House, Hornsby attempts to raise The Fourth Reich.  

While set in a quasi-fictional America, there is too much truth in this book that you can’t and shouldn’t ignore.  


Neal Owens was born and reared in Washington, DC. He currently resides in Alexandria, Virginia, and High Point, North Carolina.

After 33 years of service for at-risk youth, Mr. Owens resigned as Director of Operations for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington—and decided to pursue his passion for writing novels and short stories. Gifted with the art of storytelling, Mr. Owens took online novel courses and joined writing communities to learn the technical aspects of creative writing and sharpen his craft.  

Five years later, he self-published his debut novel, Mirrors of Life. The Literary/Contemporary novel won the Bronze Medal from Readers Favorite, the Silver Book Award from Literary Titan, and Finalist for The 2020 International Book Awards.  

His new release, Mirrors of Life Part 2: The Fight for Political Power is gripping, intense, intriguing, and chilling.   

Neal Owens
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