Novecore Announces a Service for the Collection of Mechanical Royalties in the US

Novecore further expands their music monetization capabilities for artists by introducing mechanical royalty collection in the US

LONDON, June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Novecore, the music distribution company, has announced that it now collects mechanical royalties in the US along with several other updates on the company’s expansion into the US market. 

Novecore has been helping tens of thousands of artists across the world monetize their music through online streaming platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Pandora and others. With the introduction of mechanical royalty collection, artists are now able to increase their revenue. The new royalties represent a part of the songwriter’s share and are separate from the regular payouts which artists already receive. Artists who write their own songs are now able to collect them via Novecore.

The music distribution company stated earlier this year that one of its key goals for 2022 is to make a strong impact in the US market. 

A major part of this objective was to deliver better services and monetization opportunities. Collecting mechanical royalties in the US will help Novecore increase the income their users earn through their music. 

"We’re constantly working on new ways to deliver a great service to our artists. Artists love making music and our goal is to help them monetize their work. Introducing the collection of mechanical royalties is another step in the right direction to ensure that our artists are properly compensated for the music they create." said Matthias Merkel, the founder and COO of Novecore. 

Novecore also joined BMI, a performance rights organization in the US, for the upcoming collection of performance royalties and also obtained a registered trademark in the US. The music distribution company already had registered trademarks in China, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the European Union.

According to Merkel, the company will soon be announcing the collection of mechanical and related types of royalties in other countries as well. 


Novecore is a global music distribution company which helps artists easily monetize their work. The company serves a global audience and distributes music to all major platforms, including Spotify, SoundCloud, Amazon Music, Pandora, and Apple Music. Novecore’s key goal is allowing all artists to share and earn from their music, regardless of their location or available resources. 

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