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SAN ANTONIO, Feb. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — After reading the documentary, In the Age of AI – Frontline (Full Film by Frontline PDS (The American Public Broadcasting System), this author was compelled to warn people that there is a danger that Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be used to crush the freedoms Americans have fought for. The documentary revealed how AI will have an opposite effect than the Industrial Revolution by reducing the job market by as much as 50% and possibly be used as a tool that facilitates the emergence of surveillance of people’s actions and control of their mental choices.  Multibillionaires are financing AI in countries, such as China and the United States, which will not only replace human workers but also strangle independent thinking and control the lives of an entire people in any country.  This PDS documentary may be viewed on the link (721) In the Age of AI (full film) | FRONTLINE – YouTube.

It is incumbent upon all people worldwide, to recognize the potential threat of AI’s disastrous effects of increasing unemployment and poverty caused by billionaires funding high tech companies.   A great concern is the direction in the use of AI that affects the mental and physical health of the public. Some billionaires are using AI to surreptitiously control the thoughts of people and are developing ways to vaccinate people for biological control as well.

This book presents a novel AI solution that seam-lessly employs an automated U.S. Capitalist AI Fund, which can balance the wealth of America and increase the quality of life for all Americans.  

The solution presented does not advocate social reform to replace Capitalism in America.  It pro-vides an opportunity for all people, regardless of color or religious beliefs to make their own choices and achieve their goals in life.  In America, there are many billionaires who make up a significant portion of the United States net worth.  A 2019 Brookings article indicated that in 2018, U.S. households held over $113 trillion in assets.  With this accumulation of wealth in the U.S., it presents a logical solution to solve the increase in job losses that leads to suicides, disillusionment and poverty, which impacts the lives of millions of people.

The solution presents an innovative approach that can be accomplished with people of integrity with analytical minds who can make it happen seamlessly using artificial intelligence.  It develops how an automated U.S. Capitalist AI Fund can balance the wealth of America and increase the quality of life for all Americans. To give the reader a comprehensive understanding of the novel implementation of AI and the benefits derived in a logical set of conclusions, Nicholas presents his book in four chapters:

There is every reason to believe that people who love people and want to achieve a better world for all people will gladly endorse and contribute the many billions of dollars that exceed one year’s salary of one billion dollars to the U.S. Capitalist AI Fund.  Any sound thinking and fair-minded person knows that one billion dollars a year is more than enough to give any person a life of enjoyment, peace and happiness.   Key to such joy is having been brought up to be all one can be by developing their innate skills, acquiring a sound education to appreciate and assimilate the wonderful ideas of others, and know that their love for others will be returned ten-fold for sharing their wealth with others.

Nicholas believes AI can change economies and way of life in the age of automation.  His objective is to inform people with knowledge of the universal capability of AI and effectively use it as a source to solve economic problems and increase the livelihood of an entire country. 

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