NewsXPartners (NXP) Awarded Best PR Agency by Smart Drugs and Supplements Digital Magazine

Years of expert coverage in the field of nootropics and smart drugs have been recognized by a leading publication in the industry.

NEW YORK, June 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — NewsXPartners, a media organization with a diverse base of clients and content providers that has a proven track record of producing solid, fact-based stories about nootropics and smart drugs, has been honored by Smart Drugs and Supplements digital magazine with its first-ever Best PR Agency Award. [See full press release.]

“We provide a tremendous amount of content in this area, unlike any other PR firm on the topic of nootropics,” says NXP’s Editor-In-Chief, who regularly works with reporters and other editors covering this field.

“It’s a quantifiable fact that we have produced more output on nootropics and smart drugs than any other PR or publicity firm. We’ve contributed more to the topic, which means we have added value to the knowledge base.”

Going above and beyond the usual work of PR firms is part of the NXP heritage. Established in 2006 as an informal behind-the-scenes association of independent writers, reporters, journalists, publicists, and public relations professionals, the organization began to promote the reputation and branding of select clients.

In the field of nootropics and smart drugs, it was only natural that NXP became a leading source of information because of its clients who were already in the supplement business. This helped the writers, who had already developed reliable sources in the nutrition field, and it also supported the editors who were providing stories for publications that specialized in the same field.

NXP’s Editor-In-Chief highlights that the expertise developed by the company has allowed them to provide a great deal of content about the science behind smart drugs and nootropics, describing it as “a place where lots of public relations firms don’t dare to go.”

In contrast, NXP’s reporters produce fact-based stories, relying on reputable sources provided by the companies that hire NXP to get their messages to the public. This approach gives these stories a level of credibility that sets them apart from the usual public relations fodder.

“It’s because of our client base,” states NXP’s Editor-In-Chief. “They understand the actual science where others don’t.”

The latest award from Smart Drugs and Supplements is attributed to the consistent credibility of the editorial content provided by the NXP team of writers and editors. [See full press release.]

Smart Drugs And Supplements is a digital publication featuring news and information about nootropics.

Media Contact:
Tom Kipmore

SOURCE Smart Drugs and Supplements; NewsXPartners (NXP)