New Sci-Fi Thriller by Tory Quinn Takes eSports to a New Level

Level 4 Press presents a shocking take on the future of war.

JAMUL, Calif., July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Debut author Tory Quinn delivers an exhilarating sci-fi thriller that explores the future of high-stakes gaming. MegaDeath takes place in 2112, where warfare has been replaced by a worldwide eSports tournament. Nationalistic fever sweeps the globe and fans bet their lives on the outcome of the tournament. With today’s popularity of eSports skyrocketing, and nationalism being stoked around the globe, MegaDeath is a thrilling and meaningful comment on today’s world.

Tory Quinn first saw the danger of fanatical fans in a 2012 Egyptian Premier League football match, where 74 people died when fights broke out between fans. "What is this human phenomenon of my team, my tribe, my political party, my country?" asks Quinn.

It’s estimated that by 2023 there will be more than three billion gamers worldwide, glued to their screens, living for the win, and eager for the success of their individual or collective. Already tournaments like The Rocket League eSports World Championships, among others, attract millions of spectators from around the world, dwarfing most traditional sporting events. Quinn’s dystopian future does not feel far out of reach.

It’s 2112 and Megan Mori is the best gamer the world has ever seen. She has become a star player in the worldwide MegaDeath tournament for team North America. War between nations has become a spectator sport. Soldiers are now gamers, and every four years nations send their most cutthroat and athletic players to compete in this virtual reality tournament. Winners are patriots, and losers die.

For Megan, death can’t come soon enough. Haunted by the loss of her daughter, which she blames on her own government, she has nothing more to lose and no one to fight for.

However, when patriotic fervor spins out of control and millions of fans start betting their lives on the outcome of MegaDeath, it becomes clear that a much more sinister agenda is unfolding. Megan will need to rally her fellow gamers against a threat that could end humanity as they know it. 

Tory Quinn’s MegaDeath depicts a future with unsettling parallels to our present. For some readers this will be an entertaining escape, for others it will be a profound exploration of human devotion.

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