New Positive Leadership Book by Dr. Merethe Drønnen, Ph.D. and Associate Professor at the School of Business and Leadership, Arctic University of Norway, Turns the Epidemic of “Quiet Quitting” and “The Great Resignation” into Increased Bottom Line Through Changed Leadership

TROMSØ, Norway, Oct. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — How can leaders switch the escalating worldwide epidemic of “quiet quitting” and the “great resignation” at workplaces into well-being and better workplace cultures, and at the same time, increase their bottom line?

Research about how the executive leadership behavior in companies is connected to productivity, profit, work engagement, customer metrics and even health effects is presented in the newly released book Positive Leadership (Springer, 2022).

“We need a new breed of leaders with the knowledge of how to meet the employees of today and the future. The new era and paradigm shift of desired qualities in leadership have just begun,” said Dr. Merethe Drønnen, Ph.D. and Associate Professor at the School of Business and Leadership, Arctic University of Norway.


The after effect of the pandemic has resulted in employees awakening to a reality of what they want out of their lives and a realization of how they want to spend the hours of their own lives, also at their workplaces. Most people have now found that quality of life includes more meaning, better work-life balance as well as more autonomy and flexibility at their workplace.

In 2022 the phrase quiet quitting is escalating all over the world, meaning that many employees are drifting away from their organizations, even if they are actually not leaving. Workers no longer want to give their free time, extra gear, answer emails in the evening, working long hours without their organizations giving them something in return. That something is meaning, authentic leadership, equity, recognition, and feelings of belonging and connection at the workplace to mention some. The trend is worldwide — and especially the young and middle-aged workers are now saying out loud that they demand more from their workplaces. But how can leaders implement research-based interventions that take care of the demands of today’s and the future’s workforces in the increased competition with other companies for the best workers?

In the new book from Springer International, New York, titled “Positive Leadership: Using Positive Psychology for a Better Workplace Culture,” Dr. Drønnen presents facts from research on how disengaged employees cost the company in dollars and cents and how satisfied employees are linked to higher productivity, favorable health effects, reduced absenteeism, decreased turnover, and also better customer metrics.

Well-being at work is an absolute must for leaders and organizations to focus on how to keep employees from leaving their jobs and quiet quitting. Today we need a new quality in leaders that includes knowledge about how humans are motivated, engaged and thrive in the workplace. The new era and paradigm shift of qualities in leadership have begun.

Successful companies like Microsoft, Google, IBM, and Disney have understood how to use the human capital already existing inside their organizations. Google has focused on psychological safety, meaning, and recognition in executive leadership. Microsoft’s top leader Nadella tripled the company’s value from 2014-2018 through, among other tactics, emphasizing building and implementing a growth-promoting and innovative work culture.

Successful businesses take their employees seriously and create win-win situations for employees, management, and organizations. Successful leaders know that organizations can only achieve improved results through wagering on their employees.

This book is loaded with practical interventions and techniques from the latest research and science in positive, behavioral, and organizational psychology, leadership, and motivation. Techniques leaders can implement in their organizations right away.

The book also contains a self-reflection part for leaders on how external factors have influenced on own leadership behavior and how these attitudes, perceptions, and ultimate behaviors can be changed. The book will help leaders reflect on their roles, understand their employees better, and at the same time, increase productivity and profits for the company—a real win-win-win situation.

Author bio:

Dr. Merethe Drønnen is CEO of Positive Change International, author of the book “Positive Leadership” (Springer International, Sept. 2022), and Associate Professor II in the School of Business and Economics at The Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø, Norway. She is a renowned speaker on leadership, positive psychology, and motivation. Merethe has been the keynote speaker at large international conferences, and her work has appeared in the news media, radio interviews, and magazines.

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Dr. Merethe Drønnen


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