New Leadership Book by Denise Ann Galloni Shows How to Prosper as a Leader

PITTSBURGH, Oct. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Leadership expert Denise Ann Galloni today has published a leadership book, "Find Your VOICE: The 5 Keys to Lead and Empower Others." Using the "find your voice formula," the book will help leaders feel more confident in their leadership skills, empower their teams to help achieve the vision, and prosper as the leader they strive to become. 

"This book is for every person who is a leader or has the leadership journey in their sights and wants to be empowered as a leader," said Denise Ann Galloni, owner and president, DG Training Solutions, Inc. of Pittsburgh.

"If you are currently a leader in your organization, want to be a leader, or are a business owner, the five keys discussed in this book will help you focus on what is important in your leadership style and how to prosper as a leader," said Galloni, a leadership speaker who has delivered more than 500 keynote speeches and workshops to such clients as BNY Mellon, Macys, Washington Mutual, and Northwood Realty. She has spoken to countless professionals who want to be better communicators and better leaders.

As a leadership consultant for executive in different industries, she has realized communication is a common denominator in leadership. She developed these five leadership tips – using the acronym VOICE — for effective, impactful leadership that drives results. 

Vision: Leaders must look at the whole journey of where they are going before attempting to begin the process. Just like going on vacation, plan out the destination to avoid roadblocks.

Overcoming Obstacles: Once the roadmap is drawn to take you to your vision, realize there will be obstacles. Overcoming obstacles is a skill great leaders exhibit. Not only should you have a Plan B, have a backup Plan C, D and even E.

Inspire: Leaders inspire those around them. Do not fall into the trap of not encouraging your team to learn more and bring their ideas to you. Inspire them to grow and develop their skills.

Confidence: Leaders show confidence even if they are not feeling confident. Being the leader means you may not have all the answers, but you are confident you and your team will figure them out.

Enthusiasm: Always be enthusiastic. People do not want to work around or for someone who displays negativity and always looks for problems.

"The five keys are very much a real issue in these organizations, whether there are 10 employees, or 10,000," she said.

Testimonials for Denise Ann Galloni

"Denise shows you how to unlock your full potential for successful living. Your team will learn how to set and achieve your goals, overcome your obstacles, and accomplish more than ever before,"  said  legendary speaker Brian Tracy, President of Brian Tracy International, author of more than 70 books.

"I learned so much and am excited to use the thoughts Denise shared," said Jennifer Bibb Hisdorf, AVP Banking Center Manager, WesBanco.

"Without Denise’s training and consulting, we would not have been able to successfully implement this new system in the timeline that we did," said Jan Kubiska, Director of Information Technology, Pressley Ridge.

About Denise Ann Galloni

Denise Ann Galloni launched DG Training Solutions Inc. in 2014 after decades of training experience to assist organizations with leadership and communication issues. Her process is to  find out what the real issues are and provide steps to erase them.

Denise’s passion for leadership, communication and corporate training has earned her a multitude of awards and recognition. She received the Business Choice Award for Corporate Training at the Pittsburgh Business Show.

She has presented sessions at numerous national conferences, including: Allscripts, ATD ALC (Association for Talent Development All Leaders Conference), and Toastmasters International.

She is a Toastmasters award winner and a two-time Distinguished Toastmaster.

She is the winner of The Pittsburgh Business Show award for corporate training. 

She is the host of the TV show, "Empowering You."

She has been a featured guest on several domestic and international podcasts.

Denise received her Master of Science in Professional Leadership from Carlow University in Pittsburgh.

Denise regularly speaks for audiences ranging from entry level to experienced executives for corporations, business groups, associations, and a variety of organizations.

Any organization looking for an engaging speaker, who will educate, motivate, and empower their audience to be better communicators and better leaders, needs to book Denise for a keynote and/or workshop training. She speaks to groups from 20-20,000.

Her signature keynote presentation is titled: "Find Your Voice: The Five Keys to Lead and Empower Others."

Her training workshop topics include: "Networking for Executives, Speak Confidently and Present Like a Pro."

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