New Grief Resolution Book Helps People with Anxiety and Depression

MINNEAPOLIS, March 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A newly revised grief and healing book, “Rays of Hope,” helps people light the way in life’s transitions and losses.

“It’s never easy weathering life’s changes, transitions, and losses, but Rays of Hope offers support for anyone in the midst of a challenging turning point,” said author Susan Zimmerman, LMFT, ChFC.

With heartfelt poetry and stunning photography Zimmerman offers the inspiration needed for anyone to process and express their grief, sympathy, support, and love.

“Times of joy and sadness both come with their own emotional burdens; whether you are changing jobs or residences, processing the loss of a loved one, or simply accepting time’s toll on your body, Rays of Hope is a consoling shoulder for anyone to lean on,” she said.

“There are millions of people who are grieving. Because of Covid, there is an absence of familiar life. The rate of depression or anxiety has quadrupled,” she said.

Zimmerman uses poetry to calm readers.

“Studies show poetry lights up the brain in MRIs in the same way that music does. It has a positive effect. It is the opposite of brain fog. Poetry improves insights, self-awareness, and problem-solving abilities. “Rhymes are comforting and create an artistic way to have a soothing calm. Poetry has a click and a rhythm,” she said. “Rhymes offers some predictability and comfort in an unpredictable life.”

Grief creates a brain fog.

“The cognitive ability of the pre-frontal cortex isn’t functioning as well. Information processes less clearly,” she said. “Studies show that people need time for their brains to recover.”

“Today, the COVID-19 Pandemic has caused overwhelming grief fraught with unique elements. Even in good times, Americans tend to face life changes with little guidance or clear recognition of losses’ impact. Healthy recovery is especially difficult when familiar outlets for safely expressing many dimensions of grief have been uprooted,” she said.

“Life’s transitions cause our worlds to shift to unfamiliar terrain and unsettling conditions. Even happy, celebrated turning points such as a child’s graduation, retirement, or a job promotion can trigger confusing periods of grief as we begin to realize some of the losses built into such changes,” she said.

Uncertain of what we can say or do to help, this book guides all in their search for answers about how to cope with the many layers of uncertainty in such instances.

The book has been especially popular with businesses who gift books to their clients.

Testimonials for “Rays of Hope”

“Susan’s words of comfort and understanding flow in an amazing way to help people the most, when their own words seem the least possible to find. It helps me express my own caring, while providing help that goes beyond my capability to console,” said Susan Allen, Financial Advisor.

“I love this book. Gift it to yourself or anyone who is suffering through a transition, or feeling stuck or lost, which fits everyone today, given what’s going on in the world,” said Jack Canfield, Coauthor #1 New York Times-bestselling “Chicken Soup for the Soul®” series and “The Success Principles” ™.

“I received a note from the people we gave Rays of Hope to who had lost their son. The father wrote that it spoke profoundly to their hearts and was a godsend to them as the numbness passed and tough reality of their son’s loss sunk in. I am so glad to be able to offer this resource to clients,” said Prudy Harker, CFP, ChFC, CLU, RHU Financial Advisors.

“Rays of Hope is honest yet comforting, providing the wisdom to help transcend life’s most difficult challenges. Highly recommended,” said David McNally, bestselling author of “Even Eagles Need a Push.”

“Life transitions won’t wait, and Rays of Hope provides beautiful and tender guidance to help anyone navigate through their grief and loss,” said Susan Bradley, CFP, CeFT, founder of the Sudden Money Institute and Financial Transitionist Institute.

” ‘Rays of Hope’ is the perfect book to use for self-care, then to gift, and finally, to treasure,” said Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse, author of Caregiving: Hope and Health for Caregiving Families, consultant, family therapist.

About the Author

Susan Zimmerman, LMFT, ChFC is a licensed marriage and family therapist and chartered financial consultant. She helps people make the absolute most of their life’s resources, so they live more fulfilling, purposeful, and happy lives.

As a conference speaker, Susan specializes in psychology and therapeutic communication methods.

She’s also the author of several books about harmoniously integrating personality styles into relationships and financial planning. The most recent is “Mindful Money Matters: 8 Ways to Honor Yourself and Your Financial Plan.”

Susan Zimmerman

SOURCE Susan Zimmerman