New From TJFR Press, “A Christmas Day Miracle” Offers Hope to Everyone About the Power of Life’s Unexpected Blessings

DENVER, Dec. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — "A Christmas Day Miracle," an inspiring new holiday-season book from TJFR Press, offers universal and ageless lessons about the power of life’s unexpected blessings.

"Miracles come in every variety," write authors Dean and Talya Rotbart. "It doesn’t matter what religion you belong to or even if you are a person of faith. Blessings can and will find you."

When miracles occur on Christmas Day, the authors add, they are extra special.

Available for only $4.95 as an eBook from Amazon at, "A Christmas Day Miracle" tells the uplifting true story of Riyaz Adat, a happily married Canadian entrepreneur and the father of two sons. As Christmas 2013 approached, Riyaz was on death’s doorstep, withering away in excruciating pain in the transplant ward of Toronto General Hospital.

Riyaz’s liver was failing due to a rare autoimmune disease known as primary biliary cholangitis, or PBC. If he didn’t receive a donor liver soon, Riyaz would not live to see the new year.

On Christmas morning, snow was falling lightly and the temperature was a frosty 3° Fahrenheit.  Riyaz’s physician arrived at his bedside at 5:00 a.m. "I hope you believe in Santa Claus," the doctor smiled. 

At that point, it was only candid to say that Riyaz did not. 

As the title of this touching yuletide tale signals, Riyaz and the Adat family were in for an unforgettable Christmas. 

"Big or small, dramatic or subtle, miracles benefit adults and children in every corner of the planet," the Rotbarts write.

"A Christmas Day Miracle" takes about an hour to read, but this inspiring tale will stay with you for a lifetime.

Signed softcover copies of "A Christmas Day Miracle" are available exclusively from Sales tax and shipping (U.S. only) are included in the cover price of $12.25.

Dean and Talya Rotbart are both accomplished authors. This is the third book they’ve written together. Previously, they’ve co-authored "Perfectly Ordinary, Yet Extraordinary: Making a Meaningful Difference in the Lives of Others" and "Improbable Lives: A Scot, A Tanzanian, and Their Canadian Love Story."

"Perfectly Ordinary, Yet Extraordinary" is a primer for those wishing to launch a homegrown charitable project. The book, drawing on real-life examples, provides actionable lessons and insights for everyone who would like to make the world a better place but lack the knowledge or confidence to proceed on their own. One-hundred percent of the revenues from the book’s sales, after production expenses, are donated to charity.

"Improbable Lives" is the unlikely true love story of a young man and woman — from two distinctly separate cultures and corners of the world — who meet in a new land and together defy convention and overcome obstacles time and again. The book will be available for purchase in early 2022.

Talya Rotbart is the author of "The Boy Who Answered the Call of Kilimanjaro," a children’s book based on the true story of a Tanzanian boy who sets out on an adventure, walking with two schoolmates hundreds of miles from Dar es Salaam to Mt. Kilimanjaro. The book has been translated into Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Swahili.

Dean Rotbart, an award-winning journalist, is the author of "September Twelfth: An American Comeback Story." The book tells the harrowing true story of how the staff of The Wall Street Journal rebounded on 9/11 after the paper’s newsroom and headquarters were destroyed by fallout from the collapse of the World Trade Center towers.

Kirkus Reviews called Dean’s book "a thrilling and inspiring tale of journalistic dedication."

Publishers Weekly’s BookLife selected the book as an "Editor’s Choice" and wrote: "This moving, exciting story deserves attention from anyone interested in the history of American media or looking for a stirring example of journalistic ethics in action."

TJFR Press, an independent imprint, was founded in 1987. It is the exclusive publisher of all of the Rotbarts’ books.

For information about bulk sales of "A Christmas Day Miracle" or to contact the authors, phone 303-296-1200 or email