New Faith-Based Fiction by Rebekah Pace in an Unlikely Christmas Story

Level 4 Press Presents an inspirational novel about family and faith.

JAMUL, Calif., Aug. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Author Rebekah Pace pens a new faith-based novel that is a must-read for readers of all walks of life. All I Want for Christmas follows a materialistic man who prioritizes his pursuit of wealth over his family. When his daughter prays for God to heal her disintegrating family, a fire destroys everything they own, driving them to rediscover each other and their faith. All I Want for Christmas is a story of overcoming the unthinkable and emerging all the better after surviving.

It is said God works in mysterious ways, and many people are renewed after facing their lowest point. The continuous struggle—loss of loved ones, financial crisis, constant uncertainty—can leave little hope for recovery. All I Want for Christmas focuses on the intangible things that truly make us whole: the love of family, true friendship, and knowing oneself.

Rebekah Pace says All I Want for Christmas "captures the prayer that takes you onto a difficult and painful journey, but a journey that turns out to be exactly the path you needed to follow to get to where God wants you to be."

James is a workaholic who has made a very good living, even if his wife and four children don’t appreciate it. Truth is, his marriage is falling apart and he barely recognizes his kids.

So when James’s youngest daughter, 7-year-old Reba, asks God for a Christmas miracle to "fix" her family, something most unexpected happens—unexpected and horrible. The Christmas tree catches fire and the house burns down, taking all of their possessions with it. One bad thing leads to another and the family is sent spiraling down a dark and unfamiliar path. Reba wonders if God decided to give her the very opposite of what she prayed for.

Now James must rekindle his faith, learn what’s truly important to him, and find a way to win his family back. If he can pull it off, there may just be that Christmas miracle waiting for him.

More than a Christmas story, All I Want for Christmas is about a family confronting their true selves, and reconnecting with each other and God. Pace uplifts spirits by reminding us of what’s possible—if we believe.

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