New Chapter Book Takes Readers on a Quest to the Life-Saving Water at Galaxy Tarn

SEAMS: Fantasy Novel for Beginning Chapter Book Readers

ST JOHNS, Fla., Oct. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Fantasy and adventure novelist Taylor Thompson celebrates the launching of her new book, SEAMS. As a gifted young author, she leads readers into shadowy encounters shrouded in myths and legends within each chapter. This book is ideal for beginning chapter book readers who enjoy stories filled with adventure, magic, suspense, and mysterious creatures. SEAMS is more than just a fantasy novel, it’s about individual strength, character and family bonds.

The book takes a look at how a teenager’s life comes apart at the seams as she grapples with grief, love, and identity while facing agonizing choices that will alter her future in ways she cannot imagine. Follow the life of this coming-of-age shepherdess, and her two siblings as they experience magic, danger, ferocious creatures in their quest to reach the mythical Galaxy Tarn. They will soon find out if this life-saving lake water has consequences while navigating many dangerous obstacles. Enchanting experiences bring the main character, Ingrid, face-to-face with real life choices where she must commit to putting family first.

About the Author:
Taylor Thompson, intrigued by Scandinavian culture writes SEAMS, her first adventure fantasy book. She loves storytelling and finds creative writing to be her best form of therapy and self-expression. Taylor is a college student in north Florida studying English. Her dream job is to be a full-time author or own a coffee shop with a bookstore.

SEAMS was published in 2022 by ABC Book Publishers, Inc. and can be purchased on and through Taylor’s author website at

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