New Book That Blasts Business Blather and Champions Clear Communication Goes “Open Source” for One Week

NEW YORK, Nov. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — To impress upon the business world that the pretentious "corporatese" and bewildering jargon they think are wooing their audiences are actually shooing them, the new book Business Blather: Stop Using Words That Sound Good But Say Nothing! is available free online for one week, November 16-22, at

Written by business communications expert, seven-time author and Clio & Andy award-winning copywriter Jerry McTigue, the book cites numerous examples of slick-sounding but barely comprehensible corporate babble, each followed by a clearer, more creative way to express it.  

"Business blather has been entrenched in our corporate culture for decades," says McTigue. "And the only way to root it out and staunch the tendency to slip into ambiguous twaddle is to present vastly more effective ways to write and speak."

To that end, the book also shows readers how to infuse more clarity and impact into a host of specific business communications, including websites, emails, social media ads, print ads, presentations, LinkedIn profiles, brochures, sales letters, and more.

Business Blather: Stop Using Words That Sound Good But Say Nothing! is also published in a paperback edition, which is available or can be ordered at online and physical bookstores.

But in the same spirit that software is offered open source for the greater good, the publisher, Pick Me Up Books, is extending free access to the ebook edition for one week, allowing anyone from C-suite executives to entry level workers, as well as educators, students, business writers, and reviewers to benefit from the book.

Ronni Burns, Professor of Business Communication at NYU Stern School of Business, writes: "This book is a wonderful reminder of the impact of using simple, powerful language, whether it’s in your emails, LinkedIn profile, or business mission."

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