New Book Tells How Women Can Date Better in 2022, and Find Love without Heartbreak, Feeling Overwhelmed, or Losing Themselves

GOLDEN, Colo., Jan. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With a shiny New Year on the horizon and the third year of pandemic dating ahead many people will find themselves in the same situation Dina Rifkin used to be in. Single and looking to find genuine love while avoiding the cheaters, liars and toxic men who can get in the way of finding the good ones.

Rifkin, the founder of Love + Qi, and a personal coach and dating coach who is in her mid-thirties, married Nate Rifkin a year ago, after an intensive search involving 71 dates with different men in a single year. Along the way, she learned many lessons that she believes will help other women find their best match, lessons she provides in her new book, Date Better, Darling! Your Sassy, Soulful, Self-Aware Guide to Finding Love.

She writes, "When I embarked on this new round of dating, from this new place and this new me, I threw out everything I thought I knew about finding love. I stopped trying to impress, and learned to be my casual, honest, playful, sensitive, uber-nerdy self. I went on dates with people that were way outside my usual ‘type.’ I had some great dates, met some total weirdos, went on dates to places I never thought to try, faced all sorts of beliefs and stories in myself and others … and through all of it, I started developing a system. I found that certain inner practices increased my magnetism and awareness. I developed questions that helped me learn about someone more effectively. I found that certain types of dates were better at different stages of getting to know someone, and how certain ‘tells’ on their profiles (and in-person behaviors) revealed all sorts of helpful information … and saved me a lot of time and drama."

In an interview, Rifkin can talk about:

  • What to look for and what to look out for when dating
  • Her list of red flags
  • Post-date practices and questions to ask yourself including did you like the person you were on that date?
  • Why you may meet "the one" yet overlook — or repel — that person

About the Author
Dina Rifkin is the founder of Love + Qi, a coaching company that helps women do everything from work through past relationship wounds to rebuilding their repressed wisdom and gifts to creating new strategies to get better results in love. She is also a priestess, an international author, a Chinese Energetic Medicine Practitioner certified by the California Board of Acupuncture. She is studying for her doctorate in Chinese Energetic Medicine. Date Better, Darling! is her first book.

Contact: Dina J. Rifkin, (303) 898-0791;

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