New Book Helps High Achievers Hit the Reset Button When They Are Stuck, Even During the ‘Great Resignation’

BETHESDA, Md., Feb. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Thanks in part to the pandemic, many people have quit jobs and made other life changes. But some people remain burned out and unhappy and need more guidance before taking steps. With that in mind, Brave Healer Productions is proud to release The RESET: A High Achiever’s Guide to Freedom and Fulfillment by Dr. Toni Warner, a psychotherapist, success coach and leadership mentor.

Laura Di Franco, Brave Healer Productions’ publisher and CEO, says," As the country moves from the Great Resignation to the Great Reimagining, the timing is right for Dr. Toni’s book. Although it was written for high achievers, it will challenge anyone to observe what they think they know about themselves and discover the world-changing nuggets they are missing."

Dr. Toni experienced what it felt like to achieve outward success while feeling like a mess. She has dealt with burnout, toxic relationships, anxiety, and depression and, through trial and error, discovered how to rebalance her life. She introduces readers to her RESET process, distilling it down into eight core concepts they can embrace to create changes both big and small.

Praise for The RESET

"Dr. Toni’s RESET is a refreshing pragmatic guide empowering readers of any ilk to pause and ponder their direction in life, love, and work. Grounded in human behavior theory, RESET includes authentic stories of connection, points to ponder, insightful exercises, and concrete action steps to fully show up in life … despite past overachieving burnout and unhappiness. RESET, at its core, is about second chances and connection—with ourselves, others, even our Missing Link. Brent A. Satterly, Ph.D., LCSW 

"Dr. Toni Warner delivers a powerful book for those seeking to commit and do the work to live with more joy, balance, and achievement. Dr. Toni combines self-awareness, guidance, experiences, and a workbook-style section to each chapter with prompts that will help you to RESET your life." Anna Pereira, CEO, The Wellness Universe

"Dr. Toni’s RESET was an invaluable resource in my resilience toolbox. As a busy HR leader and business owner, it helped me create an intentional space to refresh and be held accountable for my career and personal goals.  Dr. Toni is professional, authentic, highly credentialed and caring." Karla Hill, principal consultant and founder, GPS Careers and Business Strategies, former RESET participant

About Dr. Toni Warner

Toni Warner, MSW, MED, is a serial entrepreneur, mom, lifestyle success and leadership mentor and psychotherapist who blends science and faith-based principles of the soul to provide customized private coaching for individuals as well as consulting, courses and speaking engagements for groups and businesses. She holds master’s degrees in clinical social work and education and a doctorate in human sexuality.

Watch a video with the author here. 

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