New Book Demonstrates Why the Traditional Approach to Hiring People So Often Fails … While Using People Analytics Succeeds

Most HR Departments go about hiring people all wrong, explains Logan Loomis in Getting the People Equation Right

NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In a robust employment market, getting the right people in the right jobs is more important than ever. Yet relying on traditional approaches is a mistake, says Logan Loomis, J.D., author of the new Amazon best-seller Getting the People Equation Right: How to Get the Right People in the Right Jobs and Keep Them (Penn & Season Press).

As a lawyer who received training on how to fire someone but not on how to avoid bad hires, Loomis sought and created an analytical way to consistently make better hiring decisions. He calls it the People Equation and says it is based on a combination of solid behavioral theory, application, and data. The People Equation helps you get the right people in the right jobs, but then you must keep them. He offers five commitments leaders can make to keep top talent. 

He writes in the book’s introduction, “Most organizations make decisions about talent far more subjectively than they would other business decisions, even though people costs often approach 60% of corporate variable costs.” He says that only about 8% of companies surveyed believe they have strong capability in people analytics.

In an interview, he can answer such questions as:

  • What is important to know about people analytics?
  • Can you briefly explain your formula?
  • How can science aid the employee search process?
  • What are the five commitments that can help leaders retain talent?
Praise for Getting the People Equation Right

“There are a ton of books on how to hire people, but most of them have precious little on the true science and real world ‘how to’ behind effective hiring and retention. Logan Loomis takes you on a deep dive into getting the people part of your business right. A rock-solid value and a pleasure to read.” — Joe Calloway, author of The Leadership Mindset

“Wow! Finally, a book has been written in a concise and entertaining fashion by someone who gets it! Logan has created the hiring and leadership manual that will be required reading for all my business executives.” John West, chairman, Hire Velocity

“Committed leaders will find extraordinary value in this book!”— Dr. Bob Nelson, bestselling author of 1501 Ways to Reward Employees and The Management Bible

About the Author

Logan Loomis, J.D., provides executive coaching, consulting and professional training. He uses people analytics to help companies to get and keep the right people in the right jobs. Before forming his business consulting company, he held CEO and executive positions in the natural gas industry and practiced corporate and energy law for a prominent New Orleans law firm. He earned his juris doctor degree from Southern Methodist University. He is also the author of Both Sides Win: 3 Secrets for Success in Customer Negotiation.

Contact: Logan Loomis at (504) 302-1346;;

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