New Book by Victor Alvarez Details a Rogue US Army General, Two Nuclear Smart Bombs and His Revenge on North Korea

SMYRNA BEACH, Fla., Feb. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Requiem for the Dead (March 12, 2020) is the ultimate fictional revenge fantasy.  A so-called CIA Operative is captured by the North Korean Government and the operative’s father, an American general, asks the White House to intervene. The White House ignores the father’s pleas. After his son is tortured for three years and finally murdered, the father’s plot for revenge goes into hyper mode.  His plan, to revenge his son’s needless death, is to kidnap several of the children of high-ranking generals in the U.S. European Command in order to force the Army to implement a first-strike plan against North Korea: An attack that bypasses permission of the U.S. President. An American attack might cause China to enter the fray which would cause a global conflict.

U.S. Army CID Special Agent Jacqueline Sinclair and DIA Agent Tom Price are assigned to find out why the children are disappearing. Pursuit of the kidnappers will lead right into the middle of the military establishment, where conspiracy and intrigue rule the day. Add two nuclear smart-bombs into the mix and the President along with the North Korean Regime and you have a spine tingle of an adventure.

The investigative duo finds themselves in enemy territory and become the targets of trained killers. Courage and skills are necessary as they are sorely tested while they attempt to find justice.

About Victor Alvarez 
Victor M. Alvarez was born in Puerto Rico, and at nine his family moved to New York City and later drafted into the US Army. He received airborne training, ranger, military police school and later jungle warfare training. His military awards range from Jump Wings, Vietnam Cross of Gallantry, awards of the Purple Heart, Air Medal, and Army Commendation Medal, among other many awards. He makes his home in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

This action-packed and bloody military tale introduces a dynamite duo . . . A gusty investigator and intelligence agents see a brutal kidnapping expand into much more in this thriller.”
— Kirkus Reviews

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