New Book by Dr. Kathleen Brush Shows America Is an Anti-Racist Leader

SEATTLE, Sept. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Turn on the TV, open a newspaper. Racism, racism, racism. America is being painted as a nation of hate and racism. A new book, “Racism and anti-Racism in the World: before and after 1945,” will surprise many because it builds a compelling case that America is not a racist nation. It is instead a leading anti-racist nation that has tried to compel others to commit to the same.

The reader takes a tour of discrimination around the world before and after 1945. Eyes will widen as it becomes clear that discrimination has been and continues to be pervasive. Anti-racist countries are in the minority. A reader will learn that in some countries, discrimination affects people of different races or ethnicities, in others it is religion, and still others diversity of thought. Slavery is alive and well in several areas of the world. In many cases it’s hereditary. Minority populations are denied rights and can be made stateless at the stroke of a pen because nations don’t want them.  For the limited woke nations trying to end discrimination, these countries offer testimonials on how complex it is to end practices rooted in history and perpetuated at home, in the media, and in society. Nowhere are those complexities as great as the United States.

Author Dr. Kathleen Brush said, “I was crushed when reading about Americans that were not proud of their country because of its racism. I have studied racism in the world for over ten years, including traveling and working in 111 countries. America’s demonstrable commitment to anti-racism is something to be proud of.”

Brush said she hopes this book will change people’s views, and also expand people’s horizons on views toward diversity, racism and anti-racism in the world.

Ebook copies can be purchased on Amazon for $2.99 and paperbacks $7.99.

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SOURCE Dr. Kathleen Brush